April 22, 2024
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The Pulse Of Our Readers

When November comes, we will have a few very important questions to answer at the polls. The legislature created three very controversial laws and they are up for a vote by the people.

Let’s see how the Eye On Annapolis readers stand.  Of course, it is completely unofficial and unscientific. The order of the answers is random and changes with every page refresh and do not indicate a preference by Eye On Annapolis!

Question 1:

This is commonly known as the Dream Act. The legislation allows for some illegal aliens to receive in-state tuition when they attend a Maryland State school.

Question 2:

Marriage Equality Act. In the most generic terms, this act allows for gay couples to marry in the State of Maryland and to receive all of the benefits that come with a heterosexual marriage.

Question 3:

Additional Casinos. During a special session, legislation was passed to allow the construction of another casino in Maryland located in the National Harbor complex in Prince Georges County.

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