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SustainaFest Launches Film Night Bringing Filmmakers And Community Together

SustainaFest, a Maryland nonprofit, is hosting a night of inspiring film and engaging conversation on  October 6th at 7:30pm at Francis Scott Key Auditorium at St. John’s College. Films to Inspire a  Sustainability Revolution is an opportunity to interact with filmmakers and leaders that are working  to make a difference in their communities. SustainaFest leads events that leverage the power of art  and entertainment to spark dialogue and drive action on the most pressing social, environmental, and  economic issues of our time.

The event features six award-winning films from the renowned Mountainfilm in Telluride Tour Stop  program. These films highlight the importance of locally-based economies, the challenge of water  sustainability, the connection of African Americans to National Parks, the relationship between sport  and the human spirit, and the need for a renewed environmental ethic. “Our partnership with  SustainaFest opens a new opportunity to get the message to students and adults alike,” states Henry  Lystad, Director of Mountainfilm’s Tour Stop Program. “We’re thrilled to add Mountainfilm’s  powerful films to the effort.”

SustainaFest connects people and ideas with direct action. “We live at a time of great challenge and  opportunity, a time when we are being called to reinvent the very foundations of how we live and  interact with each other and the natural environment,” notes SustainaFest CEO, George Chmael II.  “We use the power of cutting-edge film, inspiring music, visionary speakers, social entrepreneurs,  seasoned educators and innovative projects to drive new solutions.”

SustainaFest’s four Founding Partners – Council Fire, Key School, Living Classrooms Foundation  and Washington College – are committed to the organization’s mission to educate and engage people  of all ages and interests to take action in their everyday lives to strengthen the community, improve  our environment, and support our local economy. Living Classroom Foundation’s Vice President  Scott Raymond remarks, “Our children are the ones who will be called upon to make change happen.  SustainaFest gives them the tools they will need to succeed.”

Join the celebration – and ongoing conversation – on what we can all do to create a healthier, more  prosperous, and sustainable Chesapeake Bay region. To learn more about SustainaFest and our events  visit www.sustainafest.org or email [email protected]

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