February 3, 2023
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Annapolis Police Make Another Large Drug Bust

On Thursday, May 31, 2012 Annapolis police officer Tonia Miller stopped a vehicle operated by Benjamin P. Freeman, 27, at South Cherry Grove and West Street. During the traffic stop she recovered over 3/4 of a pound of marijuana from Freeman’s vehicle. The marijuana has an estimated street value of over $5,800.00.

As the investigation continued, Officer Miller and narcotic detectives obtained a search and seizure warrant for Mr. Freeman’s apartment which is located in the 900 block of Spa Road in Annapolis. Once inside the apartment officers recovered 5.4 lbs. of marijuana with a street value of $36,700 and 30 pills of Oxycodone with a street value of $900. Officers also recovered a handgun with an obliterated serial number and over $28,000 in cash.
“This is an example of excellent police work,” said Chief Michael Pristoop. “A minor traffic stop and a thorough investigation led to a significant seizure of narcotics. The message should be clear: neither the community nor the police will tolerate illegal drugs. I am certainly proud of the work done in this case and the work done by APD officers everyday.”
This is the second major drug bust during a routine traffic stop by the Annapolis Police Department in the past month. “This investigation and these arrests reaffirm that Annapolis has no tolerance for illegal drug activity,” Mayor Cohen said. “I commend our police officers for their outstanding work.”
“I applaud the Annapolis police department for their diligent work and attention to detail,” Public Safety Committee Chair Sheila Finlayson said. “This is an excellent example of how our officers remain committed to taking advantage of every opportunity to get illegal drug activity off our streets.”
Mr. Freeman faces 14 charges including 3 counts of possession of a controlled dangerous substance, 3 counts of possession of a controlled dangerous substance with the intent to distribute, removing a label from a prescription bottle, distribution of a controlled dangerous substance with a firearm, possession of a firearm with an altered firearm identification number, possession of a stolen firearm, common nuisance, and possession of paraphernalia,
Mr. Freeman was release after posting a $25,000 bond.
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  1. Excellent police work?? They pulled someone over and got lucky with what they found.

  2. Stop wasting your time and go after the real criminals, like all the people drinking 32oz sodas.  People will always find ways to get f’d up.  If it isn’t weed, it’s sucking the freon out of a/c units.  For nabbing this one guy, there’s thousands out there doing the same thing.

  3. Would be a lot more impressed if the Annapolis police focused on the cocaine and heroin trade in this town, which do a hell of a lot more damage — but I guess when the cocaine customers are among the city’s elite and the heroin customers are their kids, there’s a bit of a disincentive to looking too closely.

  4. ho do you make some thing god made illegal. that’s like saying corn is illegal.funny how all the legal drugs are man made and are killing more people and doing more harm then the all natural illegal drug marijuana.how police and government could be doing more for the public they serve by busting drunk drivers and properly punishing them rather than locking them up giving them a fine and letting them do it again are police and government is a joke . 

  5. waste of the apd time. Worry about the heroin on the streets and the drunk drivers. Not a few pounds of pot..waste of money for APD.

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