December 8, 2023
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An Untold Story From The USNA Graduation

UPDATE: Our initial story incorrectly spelled Greg’s last name. His corrected last name is “Klima.” We have corrected the story and apologize to Greg and his parents for the mistake. Thank you for notifying us!

Last week, 1099 young men and women left behind a true friend. This friend was not a classmate. This friend was not a professor or mentor. Last week, the USNA Class of 2012 made Gregory Klima an honorary member of the class of 2012. Class President, Ian Cameron lauded Gregory during his speech mentioning how Gregory was perhaps Navy’s biggest fan. You could always count on Gregory cheering on Navy–even at the “less than popular” sports!  The Class of 2012 gave him a jersey signed by the coaches and captains of all Navy sports teams.

So who is Gregory Klima? He is the custodian for Bancroft Hall. But there is more.

Gregory, is an employee of Melwood, the area’s leading nonprofit creating opportunities for people with disabilities, and works as a custodian in Bancroft Hall.

He is most known as Navy’s #1  sports fan as he attends a ALL Naval Academy team games, even if there are 3 or 4 events day.   And it doesn’t matter what sport either!

The Commandant even commented that he’s never been to a game where he hasn’t seen Greg.

Of course he is also known across campus for his positive attitude, hard work, community spirit and has befriended hundreds of midshipmen.

In fact, Gregory’s dad, Jim, also a graduate of the Naval Academy, says they can’t walk down the streets of Annapolis or at the Westfield Annapolis mall without being stopped, high fived, etc.

Greg, who always wears a jersey and one of 100 sports caps he owns  to work, was presented with a special Naval Academy jersey (with the number 12 representing the class of 2012) signed by the captains of all of the Academy’s sports teams.

The 2012 class president said the class wanted to recognize Greg for his involvement with their class.

In addition, just last month, Gregory received recognition from Melwood for his amazing work, and he received the “Most Improved Work Performance” award.

Gregory has overcome amazing odds and his story of how people with disabilities persevere and succeed is inspiring.  Let me know what you think and thanks for considering.

Once again, congratulations to the Class of 2012 and to Gregory Klima!

Note: Thanks to reader, Kimberly Bronow for the photos and the background information!

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