February 3, 2023
Annapolis, US 33 F

The Back Porch At Ken’s Creative Kitchen

The planets and stars must have perfectly aligned for our recent visit to The Back Porch at Ken’s Creative Kitchen.  This outdoor café is open from May 16 through October 14, Wednesdays through Sundays (closed Mondays and Tuesdays) for breakfast and lunch.  Breakfast is served from 8 – 11am and lunch is available from 11am – 2pm.

The restaurant is located in the Annapolis Landing Marina at the end of Bembe Beach Rd.  The address is 980 Awald Rd. Suite 103, Annapolis, MD 21403.  It is tucked away and not easy to find, but certainly worth making the extra effort!  There is some signage that helps.

Paul and I arrived around noon on a Thursday afternoon that just happened to be a perfect day in late May.  It was sunny and warm with a slight breeze. There are only 15 tables at this unique establishment, all outdoor seating on a porch.   We heard that the café enjoys such a great reputation that customers patiently wait in line for this experience, as they do not take reservations.  Luck was on our side as we were shown immediately to a table.  Right after that, tables filled up and a line began to form and grow!

We immediately noticed the striking view of the marina and Back Creek.   You can’t help but feel like this is a vacation spot!  The black and white checkered tablecloths and white chairs were lined along the porch railing, overlooking a beautifully landscaped yard with trees and the marina beyond.  Ceiling fans were humming and there were fresh flowers on each table.  This was a perfect setting for what proved to be a leisurely lunch with very attentive service.

We sipped our iced teas as we marveled the view and reviewed the menu.  It was not a large menu, but everything sounded amazing.  Paul finally chose the sautéed jumbo lump crab cake with lettuce and tomato on a toasted brioche roll.  It came with a serving of white and sweet potato salad and a green salad (lettuce, tomato, and onion).  The crab cake was generous in size and Paul said it was very delicious.  He loved the potato salad as well.

I ordered the jumbo lump crab tower made up of layers of avocado, diced sweet mango, and lump crabmeat. The tower sat beside a huge salad of several types of lettuce and other greens, grape tomatoes, and onions.  The dressing was very light and just right! I enjoyed the tower ingredients by pairing each bite with pieces of the tasty salad!

Even though there was a line of hungry customers waiting, our server offered to refill our teas right to the very end of the meal.  There was no rushing.


We saved no room for dessert, but there was a very tempting list of selections for another time.  On our way out passing the line, I smiled at a woman and told her it was worth waiting for.  We talked for a minute, and found out that this was not her first visit to The Back Porch.  I asked her if she ever had the jumbo lump crab tower.  She said that is the only item she ever orders!

Lunch for 2 – $42.40 plus tip




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