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Pit Bull Attacks Severna Park Pasadena Child


A Pit Bull dog attacked a 9-year old child this evening in Severna Park Pasadena. The attack appears to have been unprovoked as the child was riding his bike with his mother on Armstrong Lane when the dog bit him in the leg. He was transported to Johns Hopkins Pediatric Center for treatment.

The animal was seized by officers from Anne Arundel County Animal Control. Police investigating the incident believe that the dog is known to the family and they do not know what caused the dog to attack.

Earlier this month, a Severna Park child was attacked by a Pit Bull while playing lacrosse in Shady Side.



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  1. because of the picture you used that is not the dog that attacked the child and your lack of spell che k I will no longer be reading your news.. shame on you

  2. If you are going to report dog bites on this page or anywhere…how about not picking out one breed….and actually report all bites in the county….there are other breeds that have bitten this month!!

  3. Awful story. Just curious, what on earth made you choose that picture? It’s pretty outrageous–hmm probably why you chose it. Shame on you.  Shoddy (lazy?) journalism. Also, spell check should become a closer friend of yours. 

  4. You guys have lost all credibility to me with this article. I agree with Annette down below, why single out one breed? My neighbor has pitbulls and I’ve seen nothing but love and care from that house, and they have three children. A 3 year old, a 11 year old, and 14 year old. And i’ve never seen or heard problems with them. Also, way to use the worst picture possible for this story.

  5. The attack is tragic enough, but do you have to sensationalize the event with such an awful picture?  And if the picture is not of the actual dog as (suggested by Beautifulytoxic) then why should I believe anything you report?  Reporting with a slant to the negative and then embellished with a photo  that only makes me think your fabricate stories to get readers.  Very sad for you.

  6. Because eye witness reports are notoriously inaccurate and visual breed determination is close to impossible, I would like to know how you came to the comclusion that the dog in question is actually a “pit bull”. As advances in DNA testing are showing us, experts in the animal welfare field are unable to determine that a dog is a “pit bull” by looking at it. Therefore, how can you, a reporter, or those reporting, the general public, be sure that the dog is, in fact, a pit bull. This is irresponsible journalism and you shouls be ashamed of yourselves.

  7. if you know a little bit about the situation, you would see that once again, people that have no right owning a pitbull type dog or any dog for that matter, do nothing but add to the negative sterotype associated with these dogs.  bad parenting reflects on children’s behavior as bad dog ownership reflects on a poorly socialized dog. i feel horrible for the child and also for the dog that with proper ownership, most likely would’ve never harmed a person.  

  8. Prove the dog was a Pit Bull! I’m sick and tired of the witch hunt on these animals! You are a bunch of idiots!!

  9. Prove it was a Pit Bull before making these comments. The fact that you used that horrible picture tells me that you are most probably wrong about the breed of dog. Unbelievable crappy journalism!

  10. Prove it was a Pit Bull!  The fact that you used that horrible picture proves to me that the dog was probably some other kind of dog! People please use common sense when reading this ridiculous story!  Hope the child is ok!

  11. Prove it was a Pit Bull!  The picture used was not even the dog! Unreal!!

  12. why must you use the most disgusting photo of a Bully Boy possible?

  13. What’s a Put Bull??  must be some new “inherently dangerous” breed….

  14. What’s a Put Bull?  Must be some new “inherently dangerous” breed….

  15. What’s a Put Bull?  Must be some new “inherently dangerous” breed…. stupid article!

  16. The photo is a stock image. A photo of another breed was not used, because it was not another breed that bit the child. A photo of a pit bull playing with a fluffy kitty was not used because the pit bull bit a child.

    Reading these comments is entertaining. It seems that the pro-pit people are completely discounting the attack because we do not have DNA evidence that it was a pit bull (you don;t that it wasn’t) and that the police report is false. They are discounting it because it is not a photo of the actual dog (well, we can;t get that so we have to go with what we have). They are discounting it because of a typo in the headline (sorry, it happens and it has been corrected).

    What about some substance? Show where the attack did not happen. While you are at it show where the one in Shady Side did not happen. Or the one in Gambrills where the grandmother was mauled by the “lov ing” pit bulls belonging to her granddaughter. Or the one that attacked a homeowner in Severna Park forcing him to shoot the dog.  
    Rather than shooting the messenger, why not offer up something more than “wheres the DNA, you have a typo, and the picture is bad.”If anyone wants to write a pro (or anti) pit piece, please do, send it to me at info [at] and I will be happy to publish it.

    There is NOTHING factually incorrect in the story. A dog identified as a pit bull bit a child who was riding his bike in Severna Park. The dog was known to the victim they believe. The child was sent to the hospital for treatment of his injuries.It also should be noted that while there are many other breeds that will bite (and do) that most do not require hospitalization.

  17. We all know that all dogs bite, but unfortunately media fronts LOVE to gain attention, as this one did, by FOLLOWING… thus resulting in another pit bull dog bite blah blah blah.

    Maybe what should have been reported is that PEOPLE in Severna Park should NOT be allowed to own dogs. ANOTHER pit bull? Really!?

    I personally think this world would be a better place without the media. Or at least have reporters who tell both sides and actually do their research.

  18. actually its considered Pasadena, not severna park… and as far as a stock photo could use any picture not the most aggressive picture you have..

  19. Maybe u did report what u think are facts no one can tell from this piece what really happened just what someone told u. There are 4.7 million dog bites per year out of 78 million dogs in the US, most on boys below age 10. This is because they tease and provoke because it’s fun. I’d be willing to bet the child was deliberately riding up and down the street to provoke the dog. Yes it’s tragic but avoidable if people are responsible for their dogs and kids. If you want to report accurate facts go to, a clearinghouse for dog bite info from real experts in animal behavior not police and reporters

  20. uh, thanks for the ridiculously biased photo with your very incomplete story.  i won’t be stopping back here to read anything. 

  21. This reminds me of the front page of the National Enquirer.  Outlandish picture to use. More sensationalism by the media due to the recent Court ruling. 

  22.  Well you would loose the bet.  I was there, and saw what happened.  The child was with his mother going to the house to visit the owner of the dog.  The dogs this guy owns have been trouble for the 5 years I have lived there.  They have charged and bitten several people.  2 other dogs of his have been removed and destroyed because of biting .  There is a huge difference between a dog bite and a pitbull latching on and separating the leg muschule from the childs leg.  I knwo this because I held it on his leg until the paramedics arrived. 

  23.  The boy was not teasing the dog.  He was riding with his mom to the owners house to visit.  Furthermore, so what if he was riding the bike on the street.  The dog should be locked up under control.  Kids should be able to ride their bikes on the street without fear of having their calf muscle separated from the rest of their leg.  I know this because I was there and held that little boys leg together until the paramedics arrived.  I also saw that dog get hit 7 times with a ball bat in the head before he let go.  He didn’t whimper or whine, he just let go.  The fact is, that maybe chiuauas bite more than  pitbulls, but you find me a chiuaua that can do that kind of damage, and you will make millions.  For the record, the dog is a pitbull mix.  My neighbor, remember.  While I don’t support the use of the vicious picture, after what I saw last night, its more than appropriate.

  24. due to this article and them not being able to prove the dogs breed AND the horrid picture, i will not be reading your news again.. And i plan to tell all my friends. 

  25. well obviously the person shouldn’t own dogs if he’s not responsible enough to have them trained

  26. Good God!!! If pit bulls are so dangerous then why the freak haven’t there been decades and decades of reported “attacks”??? It’s only been over the course of the last 10-15 years that there’s been this huge front against pit bulls. I have owned two pit mixes and they have been amazingly loving, loyal and even tempered dogs! I wouldn’t hesitate to adopt another. Unless they’ve been mistreated (any dog that’s been abused is unpredictable) they will be absolutely wonderful family dogs. Saying that pit bulls are an “inherently dangerous breed” would be no different than pointing at a single race and determining that they are born criminals. It’s all about how the dogs are raised and treated. Unfortunately people who should NEVER own a dog end up getting a pit because they are such “feared” dogs. Then they neglect or mistreat them and the self fulfilling proofing continues. It such a shame that these wonderful dogs have to pay for human ignorance!!!!!!!!

  27. You proved their point exactly. The guy has had numerous dogs that have been aggressive and in trouble… Even destroyed. He should not own dogs or any other animal for that matter. Were all the other dogs pit bulls as well? Eitherway… It’s clearly a case of a bad owner. This has absolutely nothing to do with the breed. Any large dog could do terrible damage if they were to grab a child. It’s a shame that it happened and I hope the little boy recovers but this is the fault of the dog owner.

  28. I had to take my dog to the vet this afternoon and asked her her opinion.  She agreed and said that it is unfair to label ANY dog as inherently dangerous because the aggression is more often than not a lapse on the part of the owner. However, she did state that the issue with a Pit Bull is that they have been bred to have these vice like jaws to fight/defend themselves and rather than snap or bite, they tend to clamp down and hold on which causes more damage.  She also stated that unless she knows a pit bull very well, that she will muzzle a pit immediately for treatment. She said she never had a problem, but prefers to err on the side of caution. She also said that she would muzzle a chihuahua if it showed any signs of aggression, but she has a better chance of defending herself against a chihuahua than a pit.

  29. What a poorly written “article”. I wonder where you get your information from?
    Earlier this month, a Severna Park child was attacked by a Pit Bull while playing lacrosse in Shady Side. NOT SO. A child was bit by a dog(the dog was NOT confirmed as a pit bull, by animal control) in Tracys Landing at Tracys Elementary School. I’m also curious if you report ALL dog attacks? Doubtful. Shame on you.

  30. There was no attack in Shady Side. Tracys Landing and NOT confirmed as a Pit Bull..

  31. So why in your reporting did you not state that the owners have had problems in the past? That is a big deal. That means they should NOT own dogs, also any large breed dog can do damage, they have big mouths. Just because this is a pit mix and people have an idea in their head about this type of dog doesn’t mean that you have to fuel the fire. The breed has enough problems being misidentified in most attacks. Just like the Argentina mastiff that bit the news lady on tv. Many media companies all had pit bull in their articles and such. That dog bit was the women’s fault, but people don’t want to hear that. Ceaser a dog expert even said that she was in the wrong. All I’m asking is that there was more to the story the a pit bull dog randomly biting a kid. The owns are the problem and it should be reported as so.

  32. I might be ok with pits killing their “consenting adult” owners and perhaps even their owner’s offspring. If these were the only victims of pit attacks, it would not affect me, my elderly mom, my pets. But all too often the victims of pits ARE the pets walking by, the kids playing across the street, the elderly neighbor (arrogantly) gardening in her own yard!  The gall of that old broad! 
    Even when Dobermans, Rotties, GSD’s were the popular power dog, they never killed neighbor dogs as pits do daily (sometimes the victims are INSIDE their own homes).

    Compassionate, thinking people do not want to keep breeding THE dog that is the best at tuggingm mauling and not stopping, THE choice of essentially ALL US dog fighters, the pit bull.

  33. I had read about that horrible attack. The family had raised one child with that same dog, with no problems. 

    Pit mongers say that only pit attacks make the news. Hmmm. Wrong again.

  34. pit bull are the most nice and pretty dag on earth i have 4 it is not there falt it is threr onwers falt becuse if the onwer did not nake the dog mena

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