March 23, 2023
Annapolis, US 51 F

Elementary School Student Arrested For Trying To Stab A Classmate

The Capital has recently reported that a second grade student has been arrested for bringing a knife into school and attempting to stab another student. When questioned why he brought a knife to school, the student said that he wanted to stab his intended victim, because that student “keeps messing with him.”

Is this another case of bullying that has gone unchecked in the schools? Certainly there is some responsibility to be lain at the feet of the parents; but the school also has some responsibility as well to monitor and intervene–especially at that age.  Thankfully, this story did not end with tragic consequences, but it does seem that it is indicative or a much larger problem that seemingly is not being addressed. Our story this morning, mentioned that bullying often starts in elementary school. This seems to substantiate that.

Do you have any stories of children being bullied? Please share them in a comment or in an email.

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