March 2, 2024
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Imperial Valet Sets Up In Annapolis

Open For Business

Imperial Valet is pleased to share that they are now operational in downtown Annapolis. This move has been a long time coming. President and CEO, Pedro Rodriguez first opened the company over five years ago. Born in El Salvador and serving in the military for 20 years as an artillery captain the El Salvadorian Military, Mr. Rodriguez received his military training (basic and advanced infantry) on U.S soil at ft. Benning. Mr. Rodriguez has a total of 10 years of experience in valet parking service from basic to supervisor level; 2 years as a valet, 1 year as a foreman, and 6 years as a supervisor and 1 year managing. He worked as a Manager for Nation Wide Service, responsible for operational control, organization, and implementation of regular valet parking and of valet parking at various different restaurants’ special events from 10 to 300 cars each special events.

It has been a long time dream of Pedro’s to be able to make his own mark on the valet service industry with his values in customer service and innovative ideas.

“Being able to serve downtown Annapolis is truly a dream come true, I am excited to be able to add innovations to the valet industry while focusing primarily on customer service” is the heart of CEO and president Pedro Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez finally has an opportunity to present his many innovative ideas to the industry of Valet Parking. Imperial Valet is one of the few valet parking companies accepting credit cards and offering services such as a sober-ride and door-to-door service. Imperial Valet is truly a pioneer in the valet parking industry. Imperial Valet is collaborating with Susan Parker and the community partnership program through the visitor’s bureau as well as a business partnership with Historic bed & breakfast and Restaurant, Reynolds Tavern.

Imperial Valet’s Door-to-Door service is one specifically designed to alleviate the employee parking woes in Annapolis, Md. With a monthly membership, employees of downtown Annapolis will have the luxury of bringing their car to our valet station located on 7 Church Circle, be driven in their car to their place of employment and work at their jobs with the peace of mind that their parking will be taken care of. At the end of said employee’s shift, a well-trained valet will bring the employees car right to the front door and wait outside until the employee is ready to go!

Imperial Valet’s Sober Ride service is designed specifically for the nightlife in Annapolis, Md. Rather than risking an accident or a D.U.I., those who participate in the night life of Annapolis can call Imperial Valet toll free at 888.667.9983 and have one of our licensed and permitted attendants drive the customer home, in their own car. This alleviates any worries about the customer having to catch a cab and drive back the next day for their car. Yes, Imperial Valet will actually drive a patron who has had one too many to drink to their home, in their own car, at rates that are competitive with taxi cab services.

Imperial Valet owns the rights to a parking garage of over 40 spaces and is offering its services on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ending at 3am each night. Imperial Valet is looking to expand and also offers valet services for weddings, sporting events, private parties, hospitals hotels, country clubs, corporate parties, bar & bat-mitzvah’s.

Source: Imperial Valet

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