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What To Expect When Westboro Baptist Comes To Glen Burnie

The Westboro Baptist Church is planning on protesting outside of Glen Burnie High School on Tuesday, March 13th.  Many readers of this site and our Facebook page have commented about “teaching them a lesson” and “showing them.”

While the sentiment is certainly understandable, we must remember that the very fabric of our nation gives them the right to protest no matter how much we disagree with the message.

Last April, when they protested outside of Ft. Meade High School, the protest and the counter protest was very peaceful and this one should be as well.  For those who wonder what will happen, here are the takeaway points from April.

  • The Westboro Baptist Church will be given a specific area in which to protest. The counter protesters will be in a separate area.
  • The Anne Arundel County Police will be out in force and will maintain the buffer between the group to insure the safety of everyone. If you attend, please adhere to the rules set forth by the police.
  • The Westboro Baptist Church members will arrive shortly before their scheduled protest time (2pm) and they likely will be escorted by the police for their safety.
  • They will set up, chant, sing, and perhaps give some brief media statements before finishing up the protest at 2:30pm where they will be escorted back to their vehicle and leave the area.
  • They are very punctual.

The video above if from the Ft. Meade High School protest in April. Please remember that the counter protest may indeed happen partially on private property. If you attend, please make sure you do not leave any trash behind.

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