February 27, 2024
Annapolis, US 56 F

2012 Eastport Green Beer Races

The Eastport Democratic Club has once again, pulled off another fun, quirky event in Eastport. The 2012 Green Beer Races started at noon (as all things in Eastport tend to do) and was scheduled to go on well into the night with lots of fun, entertainment, and well, green beer!

First up the kids Green Kool-Aid Race, followed by leprechaun costumes of the human and canine species. There was Irish Step Dancing (too crowded to get video or photos) and then the game for the adults. The first heat of the Green Beer Races featured a spectacular fail by Acme Bar & Grill. No sooner had the first relay participant started, then he spilled the cup knocking the team out of contention. But in their defense, Acme had been closed down for a while so they may be out of practice–yeah, that must be it!

And there was some excitement as well. In the middle of it all, a car caught fire in Bill Jones Alley.  Never a dull moment in Eastport.

Here are some of the photos we took. Please feel free to view the others on Facebook and tag yourself.

And here’s our video….

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