February 1, 2023
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Liquor Board Suspends Acme’s License For 14 Days

Very late last night, The Capital’s Elisha Sauers sent out a tweet that the Annapolis City Liquor Board had come to a decision on the Acme case.  Acme was under the gun for reportedly allowing underaged customers to drink. Most notable, Kelcey Silva and Van Eney who died tragically last year in a motorcycle accident after drinking at Acme.

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The Board has suspended Acme’s license for 14 days beginning February 10, 2012 and assessed thousands of dollars in fines.  While it can be argued that the winter punishment will not impact business as much as a summer punishment; it can also be argued that the time frame is the worst possible one in the off-season.

Between February 10th and 24th, there are two weekends (one a three-day weekend), Valentines Day, Presidents Day, and Mardi Gras.

Winter bar and restaurant business is tough in Annapolis. We spoke with a local restauranteur who told us that a bad Midnight Madness (or Eleventh Hour) can typically mean the difference between a profit and a loss for the year. One can only imagine the impact of having a major revenue stream shut off for two weeks.

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  1. So far as I have seen, the liquor board’s ‘crack-down’ on all restaurants/bars in the wake of this incident has other places (who are – and have always been – more diligent about checking IDs) implementing policies that turn away completely legal and of-age patrons, just to be sure they’re not being tricked by an undercover agent.

    This isn’t protecting anyone – and it’s reduced income for a lot of venues that were doing the right thing all along.

    While I wish the authorities would focus more on truly dangerous scenarios, rather than trying to catch bars out on technicalities, I also think that Acme (and other bars who serve minors) are responsible for the owners’ fearful stance. It’s a shame that some of those fines can’t go to their neighbors to make up for that collateral damage done.

    Just my 2 cents…

  2. Acme has never once been cited for serving underage patrons prior to this incident, and there is no mention of the bar that these five underage people were drinking in for hours before they spent a few minutes in acme that night. This is a tragedy, but to cast Acme in this light is going a bit overboard, isn’t it?

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