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Hell Point Seafood Closes

UPDATE 02/29/2012: We just spoke with an Editor at Zagat Survey who confirmed that an employee of Kinkead’s has confirmed that Hell Point Seafood has closed. No indication was given as to what might happen with the location.

Eye On Annapolis has learned that Hell Point Seafood closed after dinner last night. We have been unable to contact the management or owners; but an employee has told us that things are very much up in the air and no one knows for sure if it is closed for good, or just temporarily.

“The current plan is to close during the slow season, renovate and then re-evaluate in the spring,” said the employee.

We have learned that the owner of the restaurant, renowned chef Bob Kinkead is reviewing several scenarios ranging from keeping the restaurant as is with an influx of cash from some investors, to outright selling the building and business.  More details are expected to be revealed in the coming weeks.

The restaurant was one of 42 participating in the Annapolis Restaurant Week which just ended last night. We received a comment from a guest about their experience last night.

So… we were at Hell’s Point last night and the mood was just shy of tragic.  Is this one of two referenced upcoming closures?

Despite the name recognition of Kinkead, Hell Point never seemed to take hold. The food was outstanding, but the place was never crowded. The restaurant’s website appears to have been taken offline.

Other restaurants

As we mentioned in a previous article, there are three restaurants we have heard will be closing. Annapolis Grill abruptly closed last week, Hell Point Seafood closed last night, and the other Parole area restaurant is expected to close within the next thirty days.

The Parthenon Restaurant on Bay Ridge Road has also closed. We were told it was due to the death of the owner, but have not been able to confirm that. There is a sign on the door that says they are closed for renovations, yet it offers a phone number to call if anyone is interested in buying the business.

As with Hell Point Seafood, it seems odd to undergo renovations while also considering a sale where a new owner likely will make renovations themselves.

Popeyes, located a few doors down from The Parthenon Restaurant has also closed. They still have locations on West Street and in Edgewater.  With these two businesses gone, that small strip center is only 43% filled. Vocelli Pizza closed several months ago and American Nails relocated to the Bay Ridge Shopping Center between Admiral Cleaners and the new Verizon Wireless store.

Undoubtedly it is a difficult time for restaurants in Annapolis.



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  1. Sad but unsurprising… As you said, the food really was outstanding. The service was poor every single time I visited though… that combined with being a bit too nice for the wandering tourists doomed the place.

    An excellent maitre d’ could have really helped this place to succeed. Whether you like it or not, the best use of this building is probably a family friendly tourist magnet type restaurant…

  2. It looks bad now, but once all the new taxes and the increase in fuel costs hit the Maryland consumer, business will pick up in all sectors.

    As the current “leaders” in Annapolis are well aware, the less money that a family has in their pocket, the more they tend to spend on things like eating out (or just eating in general) leisure activites like movies etc…

    Thank God we have “leadership” that is willing to make these hard choices.

  3. Don’t worry, there will be another one in there before too long. Maybe one we are already familiar with.

  4. Hell Point’s food and service was better than good. We re-created one of our fave desserts from the resto: sour cream and brown sugar ice cream.

    Every time we told someone about the great find–Hell Point, no one had ever heard of it. I think Hell Point didn’t market enough and it was a big mistake not to have online reservations. You always had to call during specific hours to speak to someone and do phone reservations.

    I hope that come back with the same fabulous, great tasting food.

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