February 3, 2023
Annapolis, US 36 F

Annapolis Begins Reshuffling Offices

As part of his ongoing commitment to making City Hall more user-friendly and efficient, Annapolis Mayor Joshua J. Cohen announces that the first phase of office relocation will begin Wednesday, February 8.

The purpose of the move is to create a “one-stop shop” by co-locating all permitting, inspections, Fire Marshal and planning and zoning functions under one roof.  This move will trigger a domino effect of moving several other offices in phases.

The first phase of relocation includes moving the Office of Law and the City Clerk’s office from the third floor of 145 Gorman Street to 93 Main Street. The City will then move the Department of Neighborhood and Environmental Programs (DNEP), which handles most inspection and permitting functions, from the second floor of City Hall to the space vacated by the Office of Law and City Clerk’s office.  DNEP’s new home will be on the same floor as the Office of Planning and Zoning, which will also be the new home for the Fire Marshal’s office, currently located at the Forest Drive Fire Station.  The Department of Public Works will remain on the second floor of the Gorman building.

“This office move is an important step to advance our priority of making City Hall a more user-friendly place for businesspersons and residents alike,” Mayor Cohen said. “This office move, along with Ordinance O-31-11 to streamline the hearing process, are two major steps that will significantly improve the process by increasing predictability and reducing the time it takes to complete the permit process.”

The next phase includes moving the Mayor’s Office and the City Manager to the second floor of City Hall into DNEP’s old office space.  Council Chambers will receive technical upgrades such as flat screen televisions and computers to allow better public access to Council deliberations, along with restoration of the crown molding, new carpeting and a fresh coat of paint.

“Our goal is to offer a more efficient way to do business,” City Manager Michael Mallinoff said. “We will be able to offer services to our citizens that are both time and cost-effective. We will also be able to provide enhanced public information of the government process by updating the Council Chambers and bringing it into the 21st century.”

The final phase involves the Office of Law moving back into City Hall in the space vacated on the first floor by the mayor and city manager.  The space that is now the public information office, will be reserved for much-needed workspace for the alderpersons, as well as a dedicated meeting room for alderpersons to meet with constituents.

Please note that during the Office of Law and City Clerk’s move on February 8, 9, 10 and 13 there will be a disruption of phone and computer service.  While office staff will make every attempt to check messages, the public’s patience is appreciated.

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  1. Will this make it a more efficient way for them to say no, or wait a year, and we’ll get back to you?

    Moving offices doesn’t do anything to help the consumer.

    The State completely refurbished its digs with so-called “stimulus” money. They now have nicer offices than anyone in the private sector.

    The City is now looking to go beyond things like a million dollar television studio and provide itself with even greater engradizements, all in an effort to put a shiny face one thier inability to accomplish anything in an efficient way. The fact that the City is BROKE, won’t make a difference.

    In the private sector, you prove production first, then you get the new office. With our government, it’s give us the new office, then give us some more new offices, then give us an office to rationalize the need for more new offices.

    If Annapolis didn’t have 602 employees, or TWICE as many employees as other City municipalities, none of this would be necessary.

    By the way, as the Mayor renovates his offices, just like Michael Busch created his own new palace, how is Cohen coming with fixing the water plant and replacing the public works building that has been condemed? New offices for the Mayor is obviously a priority to something like running water.

    All people need to see is the monstosity going on down by the Market House, and they’ll know the absolute foolishness of how our City spends our dollars.

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