March 28, 2023
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Update: Police Report On Pasadena Crash

The Anne Arundel County Police Department has released the following information regarding the fatal crash last night on Ft. Smallwood Road in Pasadena.

On January 28, 2012 at approximately 0046 hours, officers from the Eastern District responded to a report of a motor vehicle collision at Fort Smallwood Road near Devere Drive in Pasadena 21122. Officers arrived on scene and located Vehicle #2 in the roadway with heavy front end damage. Officers located Vehicle #1 several hundred feet northeast of Vehicle #2, overturned in the ditch. The driver of Vehicle #1 had been ejected and was found lying near his vehicle. Anne Arundel County Fire Department Paramedics pronounced the driver of Vehicle #1 Brian David McDevitt dead  at the scene. The driver and the front seat passenger Vehicle #2 sustained minor injuries and were transported by ambulance to Baltimore Washington Medical Center. Crash Investigators from the Traffic Safety Section were dispatched to the crash scene and assumed responsibility for the investigation.

The initial investigation revealed that Vehicle #1 was traveling north on Fort Smallwood Road when it went out of control and began to rotate counterclockwise crossing the double yellow lane lines into the path of Vehicle #2. The right rear of Vehicle #1 then struck the front of Vehicle #2. Vehicle #1 then continued for several hundred feet thru a mailbox and off the roadway where it overturned, ejecting the driver and coming to final rest on its roof.

The investigation is on going at this time and there is evidence that excessive speed and alcohol were factors in this crash.

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  1. Wow, a very deadly 3-4 hour period in the county last night. And 2nd loss for SP High this week.

  2. You know what is so sadly ironic is that I was banned from this gentleman’s facebook page for questioning why they posted gratuitous photos of County car wrecks. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family and the others that were injured in this senseless crash.

  3. The admins of B’s site don’t JUST ban people who “ask” questions on the site. They clearly make everyone aware that anyone who makes comments with malicious/disrespectful comments, use profanity, ect. will have their comments deleted and will be banned from the site immediately after they do so… I find it hard to believe you were banned and didn’t say something that may have been unnecessary (let’s be honest with ourselves here). As for your comment above, if you were going to say anything at all, your second sentence would have sufficed just fine by itself. Your first “ironic” sentence could have been done without, it comes off as if your rolling your eyes while saying it, not to mention it’s irrelavent. I’m not being rude, just think you may want to think about things and how they impact the loved ones/friends left behind that will read things like this article only to find unnecessary comments below. — I love and miss you B, you’ll forever be apart of me. xoxo

  4. @ mourning friend,
    If that is true why was I banned and post deleted my post was:
    My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. However
    there were also two teens involved in the accident… one is sending
    them prayers asking how they are. Yes they got very lucky and only had
    minor injuries but the memories of this tragedy will be with them for the rest
    of their lives.
    I did not disrespect Brian in any way I did not make any derogatory or malicious comments towards Brian. I showed compassion for the two teens and nothing more.

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