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The Curious Case Of The Raid On Alderman Kirby

Alderman Kenneth A. Kirby - Ward 6

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Details are still not being fully released and a lot of questions have been raised. Some regional media are reporting that the raid was indeed a “mix up” as quoted by CBS Baltimore. You can see  WBAL-TV, WBAL Radio and ABC 2 coverage here as well.

Curiously, The Capital appears to have removed a statement from their online article attributed to Annapolis Police Department Spokesperson, Det. Amy Miguez.  While The Capital has stated that they did not delete anything; a comment on the article seems to suggest that something is missing. A reader identified as Charles Harrell posted this morning at 9:26am: (UPDATE: Another reader of The Capital indicates that the quote referenced by Charles Harrell came from The Baltimore Sun)

Questions Questions – 2012-01-09 09:26:57

and more question. i like to keep an open mind until all/if the information comes out.

“Police spokeswoman Detective Amy Miguez said police were trying to sort through the informant’s information to determine how the apartment became connected to drug allegations”

Det.Miguez shouldnt this been done before getting warrants?

Did police watch the apartment to attempt to confirm the informants information?

Where is the police report?

The Mayor and police said the Kirby lives there, His lawyer said he had permission to be there. Confused.

This no knock warrant is dangerous business not just for the police but for anyone involved…think if a informant gave the wrong address and it was a ordinary citizen. It has happened before the (The Mayor of Berwyn Heights) who door was kicked in and dogs shot.

This statement (emphasis ours) from Detective Miguez appeared in earlier versions of the article, but no longer appears in the article which was published in Sunday’s print edition on page B-1. An earlier, but separate, version of the online article has been removed from the front page of the site, but can be read here also appears to have been removed from The Capital’s site.

In the Baltimore Sun’s coverage, Detective Miguez is also referenced:

Police spokeswoman Detective Amy Miguez said police were trying to sort through the informant’s information to determine how the apartment became connected to drug allegations.

“We’re definitely trying to get to the bottom of how we got the information we got,” she said. “Whether it’s related to somebody else in the apartment, or whether it was bad information to begin with, all that is still being sorted out.”

When we initially picked up on this story from Annapolis Political Scene on Saturday, we immediately sent out emails and left voice mail messages which were not immediately returned. We finally were able to confirm the raid with Alderman Kirby who declined to elaborate. However, as news of the raid began to spread, Det. Miguez responded and said there would be a statement “shortly.” Five hours later, a formal statement was issued by the police and quickly followed by one from Annapolis Mayor Josh Cohen.

While the police statement says that the “apartments” were targeted and not any individuals, we have learned that the affidavit for the warrant did indeed name at least Kenshasa Jones.

There are many questions surrounding this incident

  • What does Kirby’s attorney mean by the Alderman was in the apartment “with permission”? Does he live there? Or not? Is he legally allowed to live there according to the HACA guidelines and the terms of the lease?
  • Why are police reports on a drug raid not completed immediately after the raid when the details are fresh in the officers’ minds. Presumably this information will be used in a future court preceding.
  • What is Alderman Kirby’s real address? Why does the City list his address as 100 Conley Avenue when that property appears to be owned by the same people since 1991 as a primary residence?
  • Did the police coordinate anything with HACA to determine that Kirby was there?
  • Is there any type of connection between the Confidential Informant and Alderman Kirby?
  • Why do the police and Mayor say Kirby lives there, yet his attorney says he has permission to be there?



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