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Regional Recap, January 25, 2012

Amendment Would Remove Officials When Found Guilty. A proposed constitutional amendment would remove any state, county or municipal official from office when he or she is found guilty of a crime and not wait until after sentencing.The Maryland constitutional amendment was introduced on Tuesday by Delegates Jolene Ivey, Michael Vaughn and Melony Griffith, who are Prince George’s County Democrats. It’s being cross-filed in the state Senate by Sen. James Brochin, D-Baltimore County.

Stats: MD Unemployment Rate Still Declining. New statistics from the Department of Labor’s Bureau of Statistics show that Maryland’s unemployment rate is at its lowest in nearly three years.Maryland’s unemployment rate is at 6.7 percent, which is down seven-tenths of a percent from last year and 1.8 percent below the national average.Job growth has come in a handful of industries, including state and local government, health care, education and social services, as well as leisure and hospitality.

National Pinball Museum Opens In Baltimore.  Hundreds of pinball machines line the walls of an unassuming building in downtown Baltimore. However, this is no arcade. It’s the National Pinball Museum.”Pinball is not just a game,” said David Silverman, the executive director at the museum. “I’ve always believed that, since I looked at the artwork and realized, ‘Wow this is really an interesting thing.'”Silverman started the museum in Georgetown in 2010 and moved it to Water Street in Baltimore Jan. 2012. The first floor hosts antique pinball machines through the years and a history of the game dating back to the year 1777.

O’Malley Hosts Meeting With Gay Marriage Backers. Family matters — that’s the subliminal message this year behind the effort to legalize same sex marriage, according to 11 News reporter David Collins.Following a Tuesday morning breakfast with same sex couples and their families, Gov. Martin O’Malley laid out details of his Civil Marriage Protection Act. O’Malley said his proposed bill brings more clarity to the issue of protecting religious freedom.”We have done our very best in the drafting of this bill to make very, very, very explicit, the protections of religious liberty, as well as the protection of rights equally under the law,” O’Malley said. “One does not have to be an advocate for same-sex marriage in order to support equal rights under the law.”

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