June 24, 2024
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Baltimore Sun: Kirby Represents Annapolis Without A Home

Since Annapolis Alderman Kenny Kirby was involved in a no-knock warrant earlier this month, everyone has wanted to get to the bottom of the story. Kirby has denied interviews to most everyone and referred the to his attorney. However, in a story just released by the Baltimore Sun, reporter Nicole Fuller sat down with Kirby and reports that Alderman Kenny Kirby represents his constituents without a home of his own.  From the article:

Every other Monday night, Annapolis Alderman Kenneth A. Kirby, dressed in a suit and tie, takes his seat on the dais at City Council meetings, discussing community issues and voting on legislation.

Afterward, the others head home from City Hall. And Kirby wanders.

Kirby, who grew up in public housing in the capital city, is without a permanent place to live. He stays with a network of friends and family who open their homes to him — a niece in public housing, a friend in Annapolis’ moneyed downtown.

Friends say Kirby, whose personal struggle came to light this month after police found him while raiding an apartment in search of the drug PCP, moves easily between the different worlds of a city that many see as deeply divided by race and class. He has to.

During an interview granted to the Baltimore Sun at 49 West Coffeehouse Winebar Gallery, Kirby revealed that he was looking for full-time work but worried that the publicity over the drug raid would hamper the search.

I have the same problem so many other millions of Americans have. It’s just a downturn in the economy. It’s very tough … but I have a good family. My family and friends help me a lot. They prop me up where they can.

–Kenny Kirby

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