February 1, 2023
Annapolis, US 30 F

Wild Willy’s Special Holiday Events

Wild  Willy’s  Rock  House  and  Sports   Saloon  of  Annapolis  is  set  to  host  three  special  events  in  December.  The  events  will
take  place  at  Wild  Willy’s  and  will  feature  food  and  drink  specials,  entertainment   and  more.
The  first  event  is  a  viewing  party  for  Extreme  Makeover  Home  Edition  featuring  Fusion  Companies  of  Annapolis.  The  viewing party will  take  place  on  Friday,   December  9  from  8  –  10  p.m.  The  event  is  free  to  attend,  and  will  include  the  two   hour episode displayed  on  large  flat  screens  with  sound.  Drink  specials  include  $5   wine  by  the  glass,  in  addition  to  various  specials for bottled wine.
On  December  15,  Wild  Willy’s  will  host  a  charity  fundraiser  called  Holiday  Rock  For   Sarah,”  which  will  benefit  a  local  high school student  Sarah  McMahon  and  her  battle   with  Leukemia.  The  event,  which  takes  place  from  6  –  11  p.m.  will  feature  live  music   from  The  Rovers,  Van  Meter,  Mike  McHenry,  Jimi  Haha,  Pasadena  and  The  Dirty  City   Band.  There  will  be  silent  auction items,  cash  raffles  and  food  and  drink  specials   throughout  the  evening.  There  is  a  $10  cover  charge  at  the  door.  Cash  and  check   donations  will  be  accepted  as  well.
Holiday  Sip  ‘N  Shop”  will  take  place  at  Wild  Willy’s  on  Friday,  December  16  from  6   –  10  p.m.  The  event,  which  focuses  on small,  local  businesses  and  vendors,  will   feature  sales,  displays,  trunk  shows  and  demonstrations  from  participants.  From  6-­‐
8  p.m.  guests  will  receive  a  complimentary  glass  of  champagne.  Vendors  include   Madison  Boutique,  Smyth  Jewelers,  Alexander’s  of  Annapolis,  As  Kindred  Spirits  and   other  participants.  The  event  is  complimentary  and  will  feature  music  and holiday   tunes  from  a  live  DJ.  Following  “Holiday  Sip  ‘N  Shop,”  Wild  Willy’s  will  host  their   annual  holiday  customer appreciation  party,  which  will  include  complimentary   food,  drink  specials  and  live  music.
For  more  information,  please  visit  www.wildwillyssaloon.com.
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