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Unfounded Gun Threat At Glen Burnie High School

Rumors flew this morning when there was a heavy police presence at Glen Burnie High School.  We contacted Justin Mulcahy, PIO for the Anne Arundel County Police who filled us in on the unfounded threat.

“The police department was made aware of a possible threat at Glen Burnie High involving a student who was going to bring weapons to school today. We received information last night and worked with school to develop an arrival safety plan this morning. We had several officers on scene at the school and identified the student. Through investigation, it was deemed to be unfounded. No one has been charged.”

The school sent a letter home with students today explaining the situation in more detail.

December 2, 2011
Dear Parents and Guardians:
As many of you are aware, as a precautionary response to an anonymous call we received last night we had additional police presence at our school this morning. I am writing today to give you the most up-to-date information I can about what happened and the additional proactive steps we took to keep students and staff safe today.
Our school system received an anonymous call last night indicating the possibility that weapons would be brought to our school today. Police were immediately alerted, and the police department and our school system worked throughout the night to address the issue. Part of that coordinated effort included additional police officers at our school this morning as students arrived.
With today’s technology, news and rumors can spread more quickly than ever. Unfortunately the potential for incorrect information to spread quickly is also present. I would urge you not to believe everything you may hear or read online without checking it out first.
To be clear, our school was never on lockdown today. There were no weapons discovered, and the school day was a normal one, with no disruptions. School officials and police investigated the incident throughout the morning. This morning, the person who made the call last night called our school to provide more information. Late this morning, we identified the student who made the original allegation, and that student confirmed that information was not truthful. Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the student who was involved.
Our school system is very proud of the excellent relationship it has with the county police department. The quick response to this incident highlights the lengths to which both agencies go to help ensure the safety of our students and staff.
I also want to encourage you to talk to your child about this incident and help them understand the steps that were taken. Please help them understand that if they have information that involves the safety of students or staff, they should alert school officials or police immediately.
If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call the school at 410-761-8950.
Vickie Plitt


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  1. I applaud all the efforts that were made to keep our children safe but i really wish that us parents were notified either last nite or this morning about the problem that might occur, this way us as parents could of decided whether or not to send our children to school. Thank god this turned out the way it did and nothing tragic happened to our children, teachers or staff. Thanks to everyone for all the hard work that was done to prevent this from happening.

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