February 8, 2023
Annapolis, US 62 F

The Jury Is Still Out On Miss Shirley’s Cafe

Last weekend, I had the chance to experience Miss Shirley’s Cafe which recently opened at Park Place in Annapolis. The reputation of the breakfast place preceded it and I was looking forward to a great breakfast experience. What I left with was–not so much!

The Decor

The restaurant is decidedly chic and upscale. The tables were comfortable and well spaced to provide a reasonable amount of personal space and privacy.

The Meal

The menu was eclectic  and definitely had roots in the southern heritage of Miss Shirley (who passed away in 2007). Collared greens, grits, biscuits, and traditional southern staples peppered the menu which featured some very unique combinations such as a pulled pork with collared greens benedict.

The service was, on the whole, very good. They do not use trays for serving so the meals are all hand carried out. Ours came in shifts. Two at first. One more about 5 minutes later. And finally, after explaining that they discovered glass in the dish, the final one came out five minutes later.

Our party, four of us, each got a different dish–Blackened Salmon Benedict ($18), Steak and Eggs ($17), omelet ($14), and the aforementioned Sunrise Benedict ($15). The Salmon Benedict was outstanding–no question. The Sunrise Benedict was very good and different. The omelet was nothing special and the steak and eggs was mediocre at best with two small dried out pieces of meat.

 The Aftermath

Going in, you could tell that it was not an inexpensive menu. However, it is shocking to see an $85 bill for breakfast when you consider that there were no mimosas or other alcohol–just iced tea, coffee, milk, and water.  If you are thirsty, beware, they charge for refills on the iced tea, coffee, and chocolate milk. So with tip, breakfast for four was over $100. Ouch!


But, we did notice some interesting lunch items being served to an adjacent table. The sandwiches look huge and what appeared to be a macaroni and cheese dish looked amazing.  The lunch menu is also not inexpensive. A bacon cheeseburger is $14 and a BLT is $13. It may be worth another visit to give it a try; but only for a special occasion.

All in all, the meal was decent. However, there are plenty of other alternatives for breakfast or brunch which are a much greater value. Perhaps Miss Shirley’s will be a hit with the Westin guests. Time will tell.

Have you tried it out yet? Thoughts?



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  1. Might do well on K Street in DC, but in Annapolis, they won’t last more than 6 months.

    The best breakfast going is still Chick and Ruth’s at less than half the price. Regina’s in West Annapolis is also good for something a little different.

    It’s not the kind of economy where people will drop $100 for breakfast, unless they’re on an expense account, and unlike DC or NYC, Annapolis for the most part, isn’t an expense account kind of town.

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