February 4, 2023
Annapolis, US 28 F

Ride The Circulator For Free–Annapolis’ Best Kept Secret

One of the best kept secrets in Annapolis is the Circulator Trolley.  What? You haven’t heard about it?  Well you need to! We all know that parking is problematic downtown. The City has developed a way to make it easy to park your car and support all of your favorite businesses. So, what’s the deal?  Here is the information you need to know!

  • This is a free service during the holidays and is available all year round. You can find all the information on the City’s Circulator Trolley Page.
  • The Circulator Trolley moves people quickly and efficiently between the city’s 4 parking garages (Hillman, Gott’s Knighton, and Park Place) around the Central Business District, Westgate Circle to Memorial Circle.
  • It’s a perfect way to enjoy Annapolis with the shops, historic charm, maritime attractions, arts, theater, and so much more!
  • The Park Place and Knighton garages offer all day parking for $5, Gott’s is $12, and Hillman is $16. Just hop on a Circulator Trolley outside the garage and ride all day when you flash your garage parking ticket.
  • For the holidays, everyone can enjoy the Circulator Trolley!  Just flag it down and move around town!
  • The Circulator Trolley is convenient and runs from 6:30am to midnight Sunday through Thursday and 6:30am to 2:30am on Friday and Saturday–perfect for employees and for evenings on the town.
  • The Circulator Trolley also serves The Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium; but the stadium is NOT in the Central Business District and will cost $2 per person per ride–save the bucks and park in a City garage!
  • Hail a Circulator Trolley anywhere along the route. Just flag down a driver and hop aboard!  The Trolleys are blue and look like a trolley–not a bus!

So, there are no more excuses!  The outer garages are a bargain at $5 a day and they are incredibly convenient to all of the roads leading into and out of Annapolis!  Come on, hop on the Circulator Trolley Bandwagon!


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