February 3, 2023
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Plazuelas Is Open In Edgewater

Plazuelas, the latest addition to the Mexican dining scene in the area opened up yesterday and it was worth the wait!  I am not sure what the hold up was–the interior did not look like it had that much done to it, so I will assume it was the County firehosing the business with hoops, hurdles and permits.


My son and I ate there on opening day and, as expected, there are some wrinkles that need to be worked out. The servers were great, and knew the menu–actually the menu had a handy “translation chart” so you can remember the difference between a burrito enchilada, and a taco! The service was a very little bit off. The chips and salsa were not refreshed without asking and when we did ask it took a good while for them to come out. The drinks were not refilled very quickly. Really, they are all non-issues because this is the first time with paying customers!


The food was really good. Once the kinks are worked out, Plazuelas will give the Mexican Cafe in Annapolis a run for their money as well as El Toro Bravo. It will put the other Mexican pace in Edgewater, La Fiesta, out of business.

We started off with a signature dish called the Plazuelas Nachos which was fantastic. It had a ton of what looked like stir fried beef and chicken, onions, and green peppers on a bed of chips with some white queso mixed in. It was really great and more than enough for a meal. It was not spicy–but very good.

My son had the Enchiladas Supremas which was four ennchiladas prepared the traditional way. His verdict was two thumbs up. I had the Enchiladas Rancheras which were very good. They promised a Plazuelas hot sauce on the top, but I thought it was a bit on the mild side–so I topped it off with some leftover salsa from the chips and it was spot on.

The portions were huge. If you are a large family, just don’t order for one or two and share–there is plenty. They can probably cut the proportions by 25% and be fine. As it was we took 3 enchiladas home in a takeaway box.

No cerveza or margaritas here yet. They are still hoop jumping to get the liquor license, but once they are able to serve alcohol, this place will be hopping. I am not sure they can beat the Mexican Cafe for margaritas, but for the South County crowd who does not like to cross over the bridge–Plazuelas is the place.


There is nothing special in terms of ambiance. It is a former KFC and aside from the new color scheme inside, it looks just like the old KFC. Once a KFC always a KFC!  If you are looking for some ambiance, this ain’t the place. There were several little sections of the dining room which was nice to break up the noise. But in the section where we were seated, it was a little off–there were two rows of booths and then two tables kind of tossed in the middle.


This is a very budget friendly place with no alcohol. The single appetizer, the two entrees and two refillable drinks came to $30. Plis we have a microwavable lunch for tomorrow!


If you are headed north on Solomons Island Road it is easy in and easy out. If you want to head south after your meal you will need to do the U-turn at Virginia Avenue.  But for those coming from Annapolis and points north, it is not that easy. You either have to do to Mayo Road and attempt to do a U-turn there, or you can be sneaky and turn into the CVS pharmacy at the traffic light. Turn into the CVS at the traffic light, drive behind the CVS, pass their drive through lane, and take a right into the back entrance of the Starbucks. Take a right on Solomons Island and a right into the parking lot! Shh, it’s our secret!

All in all, a great place and certainly a welcome addition to the dining scene in Edgewater. Give them a few days to work out the service wrinkles and it will be fine. There was no website to be found, nor were there any paper menus to take home to share! Plazuelas is located at 3029 Solomons Island Road, Edgewater, MD  21037. (410) 956-0080.

Warning: There is one other Mexican restaurant that is on my radar that has a great buzz–Sin Fronteras Cafe on old Forest Drive.  Has anyone been there? Leave a comment!


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