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UPDATE: Scammer Has Long History Of Fraud

| October 28, 2011, 09:18 AM | 6 Comments

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Yesterday, the Severna Park Patch broke a story about a scammer who promised local schools appearances by Baltimore Ravens players. We followed up and unearthed some of Joseph Gill’s past in Maryland which was littered with judgements for thousands of dollars.

Another news source quoted his son as claiming that he had served time in prison for money laundering and was in debt over $300 million.

Today, thanks to a tip from an Eye On Annapolis reader, we can provide some more background on Joseph Myron Gill ans substantiate some of his past frauds and the amount of money owed to victims.

27 Month Prison Sentence, 109 Victims

Gill was found guilty of fraud in November 2006 and served 27 months in Federal prison. He was released and granted a supervised probation and was ordered to pay restitution to 109 individual victims in the amount of $1,092,311.06. It appears that Gill had a penchant for travel as many victims appear to be travel and hospitality companies. And several of the victims were local, including Free State Press for $1,057.46.

A House On Sharps Point Road With A History

This amount was never repaid, and in September 2010, a lien for the amount was placed against his home at 1423 Sharps Point Road. This is unusual since according to the records, Gill does not own the house.

The home itself is not owned by Gill, but by William and Janice Costello (according to public records). The property in question has been known as the Chesapeake Bay Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast and was the subject of much legal wrangling in the late 1990s when the County alleged that the Costellos were operating an illegal bed and breakfast. The County shut down the operation in 1998 for numerous zoning violations. They re-opened and operated it until the early 2000s when a final court case shut the operation down for good.

According to a neighbor, Gill moved in and for a period of time, actually drove one of the Costello’s vehicles. The neighbor, who wished to not be identified, suspected that Gill may have been  a relative. The neighbor also noted “process servers have been banging on the Costello’s front door, almost every day. And this past Tuesday, two Anne Arundel County Police cars showed up at the Costellos property, looking around.”

According to public records, the Costellos also own a home in the Eastport section of Annapolis which appears to be a rental property.

The Documentation

The notice of the lien against the property and the judgement against Gill in United States Vs Joseph Gill can be found in this PDF file (24 pages) including his 109 victims across the county and Canada. We have also included details of the three active cases pending against him in Maryland.

Schools Lose

With a lengthy list of victims, it appears that the scammed schools will be out of luck. The Federal Government will get their money first and the victims named in the judgement will be second in line. Of course this all is predicated on there actually being any money to repay the victims.  Perhaps it is best to not waste the legal resources of the schools chasing the $19,000 owed. Perhaps the time and money would be better invested in making policies to insure that this does not happen again by instituting a vetting process.



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About the Author - John Frenaye

John is the publisher and editor of Eye On Annapolis. As a resident and business owner in Anne Arundel County for nearly 25 years, he realized that there was something missing in terms of community news–and Eye On Annapolis was born in late spring 2009.

John’s background is in the travel industry as a business owner, industry speaker, and travel writer. In terms of blogging and social media, he cut his teeth with MSNBC.com.

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  1. Josh says:

    I am the Costello’s son in law. Bill and Janice Costello – and anybody else related to the Costellos were in NO WAY involved in Joe Gill’s shenanigans. Joe was a tenant at their home on Sharp’s Point Road. He is NOT a relative. They have been victims of his scams as well, as he has constantly fed them one lie after the next for some time now. It is true that he drove their car for a while… it was just another con and sob story that he fed the Costellos about not being able to rent a car because he didn’t have a credit card. Just recently, Joe was evicted after his own son called and warned the Costellos that Joe was up to no good. I understand that controversy has followed the Costellos throughout the years, but it’s very important that the record should be set straight. The Costellos ARE NOT involved with this guy and his history as a scam artist. They are working very hard to do the right thing and get through life and a tough economy like all of the rest of us…and for them that required taking on a tenant to help pay the mortgage. They certainly would not have taken him in if they had known he was a con artist. Check your facts before you go dragging other people’s name through the mud.

  2. Jason Gill says:

    I am the son of Joseph Gill. I can attest that the Costellos had no clue what he was doing. The fact of the matter is that my father has had a knack of swindeling good people most of his adult life. The times he didn’t was because he was in prison. He is a predator of people’s goodness and have been a victim of it myself. Not once, but twice. I had to distance myself from my father, because he lied to me and tried to manipulate the situation like he did to me from his imprisonment in 1997-2003, and the two plus years that I lived with him. I believed in him until things came to a head when he destroyed a woman’s life in 2005, and other staffers at the same time. I believed he was trying to make it work, but realized he had lied to me about a great deal of things. In 2010, after my grandmother’s (his mother’s) death I got back in touch with him, but distanced myself from his business dealings. I was contracted as owner of a limousine company to drive a player that was screwed over by him, as was I. Unfortunately, under all of the times I discussed with my father believing he was being truthful to me in March 2011, I realized that 90% or so of what he told me. That made me fear for the Costellos that he was using his manipulation on them. They are great people and don’t deserve this. NO ONE including NFL players or even myself deserve to be drug through the mud because my father screws over people. I think perhaps before speculating on someone’s relationship to people that were victimized because they lived in the same house, you should have that information at hand. Perfect example is that you have great documentation like the pdf to prove that. And for the record, I think I was the one that got this ball started on all of these reports, because of me letting Levar Fisher know what my father has done and continued to due unbeknownst to me. All these people, including me, are hurt by this, and he is the sole criminal here.

  3. Cory says:

    It appears from the two previous comments that the Costello Rehabilitation Tour is underway.

    Several observations are in order:

    If Joseph Gill were actually a tenant at the Costellos as alleged, how did he pay rent?

    With stolen money?

    If so, will the Costellos return this dirty money to Gill’s victims?

    If “controversy has followed the Costellos,” it is controversy of their own making, as they have a long, documented history of breaking zoning and environmental laws.

    They built and operated a lighthouse bed and breakfast in violation of Anne Arundel County Code and continued to advertise and operate their illegal bed and breakfast for at least 10 years after being shut down by the County in 1997.

    This can be verified by contacting Anne Arundel County Zoning Enforcement, 410-222-7446.

    They violated clean water laws during restoration of their waterfront after Tropical Storm Isabel, resulting in a conviction in Maryland court and a consent agreement with the United States Department of Justice.


    If anything, Joseph Gill probably felt at home living with them.

  4. Jason Gill says:

    I think you are talking apples and oranges when you try to make comments about them doing the things that you say. They were trying to survive in a volatile market I am sure. Perhaps they went against law to survive, but I think it is outrageous to lump these people in with people like my father.

    In addition, if you are going to bring stuff in like these legal matters, then perhaps you should look up the law that they have no legal requirements to return any monies given to them to fulfill my father’s rental arrangement with them. Where my father received his money is none of the Costello’s concern.

    Lastly, when you try to make accusations about people overlooking minor legal matters that land someone in jail with a suspended sentence with someone that has been in and out of prison for most of his adult life, you are making a grossly irresponsible relationship link. It would be much like saying that someone that stole a cheeseburger because they were starving and got caught is just as guilty as someone that stole a $2 million dollar diamond.

    My father deserves what is coming to him, and not the Costellos.

  5. severnwatcher says:

    I’d also like to point out that because of the vagrancies of zoning laws, more than one residence shares the 143 sharps point address (its is a multi-residence property) and I might consider legal action, because this address is all over the web tagged this way, and I have had others, including potential employers, ask me how I am related to the ‘criminal’, or why I would live with one..

  6. Maid Marion says:

    1423 Sharps Point Road sure attracts a lot of scofflaws.

    Two tenants at that address are being charged by the state MD Department of Environment/Environmental Crimes Unit for placing an unauthorized pier at the community beach here at Sherwood Forest.

    Do you know these people severnwatcher?

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