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Is Crofton Becoming A Crime Mecca Of Anne Arundel County?

| October 14, 2011, 01:33 PM | 14 Comments

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Crofton entranceYou no longer have to go to the seedy parts of Washington or Baltimore to find the violent crime. It seems that it is taking an inordinate hold on a sleepy little town called Crofton, Maryland.

Crofton: A Bit Of Americana

Crofton, Maryland has been lauded as “the” community to live in in Anne Arundel County.  Crofton is in a special taxing district and employs their own police force.  It was started as a gated community, but has expanded over the years. In 2007, Money Magazine ranked Crofton as a “best place to live”–as a matter of fact, it was ranked #72.  By 2011, it had dropped to #82.  One of the commenters on the article said:

Close to perfect! My husband and I have lived here for 40 years. Great schools, wonderful activities for children and families.

Money Magazine had this to say about Crofton:

Originally a gated community, Crofton is planned around a scenic 3.5-mile loop that includes two elementary schools, the town hall, and a country club. The loop is a popular route for walkers, joggers, and cyclists. Baltimore is a 30-minute drive away, and both Annapolis and Washington, D.C. aren’t much further. Crime is very low here, but the safe streets come at a price: homes are significantly higher than the state average.

I am not sure if the reviewer for Money Magazine did any research. Crofton is quite a bit closer to Annapolis than it is to Baltimore, and I am not sure anyone can say that crime is still “very low” in Crofton.

What the heck happened?

The Crime Wave Hits Crofton

Eye On Annapolis has only been publishing a little over two years. We cover all of Anne Arundel County and for being such a small, idyllic community, Crofton keeps popping up in our stories for all the wrong reasons.

For a community of 27,348 (US 2010 Census) the amount of serious crime seems out of proportion. Eye On Annapolis is not a hyper local site like the Crofton Patch so we likely missed (or chose not to publish) some stories about Crofton crime.

Just a quick look at the search results on the Crofton Patch seem to indicate that in addition to the violent crime, there is a problem with burglaries. Most recently there were 4 broad daylight burglaries of Crofton homes. In addition, Patch is reporting that a woman was robbed at gunpoint on October 11th as she got out of her car.

We have said it before; Crofton is no longer the sleepy little burb that it once was. In the aftermath of the Christopher Jones beating, officials seemed to be oblivious to the creeping crime spree.

What’s The Answer?

What is the answer? Annapolis has a population twice the size of Crofton, yet the incidence of violent crime is not nearly as high. Is it the convenience of Routes 50 and 3 for “getaways”? Is it the allure of a bedroom community?

One part of the solution is to become involved. Report suspicious people and behaviors. Take an interest in your community. The Crofton Patch is a great resource for the hyper local news that is not picked up by us, The Baltimore Sun or the Washington Post.

Have you also noticed an increase in violent crime in Crofton? What ideas do you have to mitigate it? Do you think Crofton will make the Money Magazine list again next year? Does it deserve to be listed…or has Crofton been forever changed?

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  1. Jimmy says:

    PG County crime overflow!

  2. Kayte brown says:

    Don’t forget the thugs that broke into my moms car and stole her handi cap tag and all our tax forms…

  3. Jane says:

    i have seen a major increase since we moved to Crofton in 1999. Last wk my neighbor’s car was stolen from in front of his townhouse in Amberfield. It makes me very sad to know this community isn’t safe. The CVS by us has been robbed. The 7-11 has too. A ladys purse was snatched outside Giant. I agree the perps aren’t from around here. They view our community as wealthy.

  4. I love Crofton says:

    It has a lot to do with the Crofton Meadows! Something has to be done.

  5. KMG says:

    Crime mecca is a bit of an overstatement. How much time did you put into checking out crime in Annapolis? I think crime in Crofton is being reported more because it’s a change from the norm. Visit http://spotcrime.com/md/annapolis and see if you still think Crofton is a crime mecca.

  6. John Doe says:

    This is hysterical, a “Crime Mecca!” Talk of perps, very amusing. The odds are much more likely that one will die of boredom in crofton than the odds that the crofton cop will stop eating his doughnut on the side of crofton parkway to chase a “perp”. It has to do with Crofton Meadows?, really is that we have slunk down to on this issue. Crofton has great schools, community etc and compared to everyone where else, extremely low crime rates. per capitia.

  7. Mike Cambellino says:

    This article is false and filled with incorrect facts. Christopher Jones incident occurred NOT in Crofton as many other things you listed also did not happen in Crofton. They happened in Gambrills or Odenton. Crofton is a little over 3 miles around and the crime rate is very low and the income is very high. For the amount of years Crofton has been in existence the crime rates are great! Furthermore for a small place like Crofton to be listed as one of the top cities to live by Money Magazine over many other areas is a huge accomplishment and shows just how amazing Crofton is.

  8. Danish Butter says:

    Lies, that happened IN CROFTON. On Nantucket Drive. How could you ever disguise that as Odenton or Gambrills? Nice try, though.

  9. Danish Butter says:

    Lol, CROFTON a crime merrica? Are you kidding me? Crofton is one of the most wealthiest and safest towns in Anne Arundel County. Just because of one incident does not pawn it off worse than Annapolis. Many crime statistics sites have ranked Annapolis way worse than they did Crofton. Annapolis has some of the worst areas and schools in the county, how do you think you could ever get away with making a statement that broad? This article is not factual at all, it’s just some misinformed person’s opinion. People cars get jacked in EVERY town. In Cape st claire, two teenagers drunk drove around and destroyed mailboxes, sh*t happens everywhere, get over yourself. The Crofton/Odenton/Gambrills area is very safe and has nice schools, among the nicest in the county.

  10. Mike Cambellino says:

    Zillow predicts 21114 home values will fall 1.9% next year, compared to a 1.1% decrease for Gambrills as a whole. As in Nantucket Drive is out of the Crofton Triangle. Those who live in Crofton in the triangle do not consider that Crofton and either does the Crofton Association. Sorry and there was no try, its called educating you boo.

  11. Mike Cambellino says:

    Yes the meadows is filled with drugs, low income, and low priced townhomes. Low income, low education level, usually equals trouble.

  12. Mike Cambellino says:

    My parents bought a home in the Crofton Triangle in 1992 and yes crime has gone up but that’s normal. DC is pushing out people to the burbs. PG county was the same situation.

  13. Mike Cambellino says:

    Crofton was named by Money magazine as one of “100 Best Places to Live” in the United States. Crofton placed 72nd out of 100 cities on the list. It was selected for its relative anonymity while still boasting many major amenities, excellent schools, and sought-after location.[2]

  14. Concerned citizen says:

    Drug activity on knightsbridge, crofton civic association knows about it and does nothing. There are even squatters living in a home going through probate. Local crofton police are equally useless.

    Ambulence calls seem to be a weekly occurance there along with cars and suspect people arriving late at nite. Unfortunate

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