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Annapolis Based Fusion Companies Starts Building For Extreme Makeover Home Edition

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The Fusion Companies is proud to announce that they, along with the dynamic team from ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition have begun the weeklong adventure turning the Johnson-­‐Goslee family house in Mardela Springs, Maryland into a dream home.

At approximately 12pm today, September 28th, Ty Pennington and members from the design team, including: Michael Moloney, Paige Hemmis, Ed Sanders, and Johnny Littlefield, knocked on the door of the Johnson-­‐Goslee family home. Immediately the family was informed that they had been selected as the newest family for the Emmy Award winning reality TV show, ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Tragically, on Christmas Eve 2010, Wyzhir Johnson-­‐Goslee was involved in an accident that would forever change his life, but not his outlook. Wyzhir, a 16-­‐year-­‐old young man who inspires everyone around him was working diligently with his grandfather to improve their 80-year old home, which was currently in a state of disrepair. The project that Wyzhir was leading was almost complete when his jacket became entangled with the teeth of the fast moving miter saw blades. Attempting to release himself, Wyzhir fell backwards, causing the saw to fall on him and ultimately severe his left hand. After weeks of care and countless surgeries, Wyzhir was informed that his hand could not be preserved.

Along with the support from his mother Patrice, sister Renee, and aunt Sonora, Wyzhir has kept with his inspirational attitude and outlook on life, not allowing this accident to hinder him from his daily life. Wyzhir returned to school immediately and also returned to working on projects around the house and the community. He is a strong believer of giving back and serves currently as a mentor within his local high school. In addition, he has been an integral part of fundraising for the community in support of preserving the rich African-­‐American history, including a schoolhouse, which was build in the 1800s.

Wyzhir has not allowed this injury to set him back and remains dedicated to renovating the current Johnson-­‐Goslee family home to make it safe for his Mother, Sister, and Aunt. The current house is not sitting on an “in-­‐ground” foundation, but sits on top of the ground, causing the home to settle unevenly, ultimately ended in structural issues. The walls in the house are not leveled and the ceilings within the house are only 6 feet tall, 2 feet short of the standard height.

In addition to these main structural issues, the house lacks correct plumbing, leaving the Johnson-­‐Goslee family without working showers or bathtubs in the home. Although Wyzhir has dedicated himself to this project, the house is falling apart around him, and quicker than he can fix it. Wyzhir and his family have made do with what they have had without any complaints.

Now, it’s time to give them what they deserve, with the help of the community and The Fusion Companies (www.fusionextremebuild.com).

Josh and Wes Sims, owners of The Fusion Companies, the lead builders for this project explain that after viewing the Johnson-­‐Goslee family submission video, “Wyzhir isn’t simply interested in being able to live a normal life, but he is equally committed to ensuring that others in his situation have the means to do the same” further mentioning “that his attitude and genuine concern not for only solving his own problem, but for attacking the entire problem head on, is what solidified The Fusion Companies commitment to this build and to helping the Johnson-­‐Goslee family.”

The Fusion Companies, along with thousands of community volunteers and generous sponsors will have only one-­‐week to build a house for the Johnson-­‐ Goslee family. While the site of their old home is turned into an eco-­‐friendly, solar powered home of their dreams, the Johnson-­‐Goslee Family will enjoy a vacation in Santa Barbara, California. The family will return to see their new home with a “Move that Bus” celebration on Tuesday, October 4th.

To sign-­‐up as a volunteer for this project, please visit: www.fusionextremebuild.com.

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