January 29, 2023
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Yet Another Pit Bull Shooting

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This is the second shooting of a Pit Bull dog in the past week.  On June 5th, a man shot a leashed Pit Bull who was fighting with his unleashed dog in Severn. This incident was in Severna Park.  Something needs to be done. Why do people feel it is acceptable to shoot a dog. From the Anne Arundel County Police Department:

On June 4, 2011, at approximately 6:35 p.m., officers from the Eastern District responded to the 300 block of Benfield Road in Severna Park for an animal complaint.

Upon arrival, officers spoke with the adult resident, who indicated that he was in his backyard when he was aggressively approached by a neighbor’s Pit bull. The male subject reported that the dog was aggressively barking and growling at him. At one point during the incident, the individual pulled out his handgun and shot the animal once. Consequently, the animal ran away and later died from its injuries. Officers recovered evidence from the scene and conducted several witness interviews. The resident, Charles McConnell Jr., 39, of 300 Benfield Road in Severna Park, Maryland, was arrested and charged with Discharging a Firearm in a Residential Area and Animal Cruelty (both misdemeanors).

Commanders have since reviewed the incident and a follow-up investigation has been initiated by the Eastern District Detectives Unit in an effort to obtain additional documentation and information to submit to the State’s Attorney’s Office to assist in their evaluation of the case. The investigation is ongoing at this time.

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  1. Becky I’m am a responsible owner of 2 pit bulls, and reside in Severna Park! This is tragic and alarming indeed. The AACPD needs to set a precedence or people will continue to think it’s okay to shoot animals. It is sad that the pit bull continues to be abused and vilified when they have so much love and loyalty to give. I wonder if the victim was a lab would people feel more compassion and outrage?

  2. If you let your dogs run free and they go into other peoples yard it isn’t safe. i think you shouldn’t have those dogs if you can’t take care of them properly.

  3. Just typical — where is all of the uproar over these past 2 incidents? I don’t see Facebook pages, or front-page headlines being made of these shootings?

    This is vaguely familiar to the ridiculous “Bear Bear” incident that seemingly captured the state and brought every dog-lover out of the woodwork to stand up for animal rights.

    Not that there is a problem with that, don’t get me wrong, but these scenarios begs the question over whether or not those same people are going to “speak up” for the rights of the pitbulls the same as they did for bear-bear? Is it because in the previous incident the shooter was a member of the law enforcement community? Was it because it was a preddominantly white neighborhood? What is it?

    Makes you wonder, yet plain to see how hipocritical people are when it comes to these things…

  4. You mean move out of the upper-middle-class neighborhood? Move OUT of suburbia?

    How could you think of such a thing?

  5. …and how exactly do you suggest they “set a precedent”? Do you mean that the County Police should stack charges against a person who shot an unleashed dog, on his property, who at the time was presenting a threat to his safety?

    Wake up, this is Maryland. Where just recently a judge decided to let a murderous “kid” out of a juvenile prison early only to have House Arrest in Crofton. Yeah, make him stay at home with his X Box and Wii — I am sure that he will quickly learn the error of his ways by having his freedom restricted.

    The precedence was set in the case several months ago in Severn. The man, it appears, is not really guilty of anything other than being overly protective. We were not there, we cannot say how “cute and cuddly” this pitbull was.

  6. i think the correct thing to do would have been for him to stay inside
    when he went in to get his pistol or is he overly paranoid and carrying
    his gun on him on his own property which is legal but he would have to
    take it off when he left his property unless he had a carry and conceal
    permit which i highly doubt due to how hard it is to get this permit. He
    was in Severna Park which you just said is a safe area, i live here,
    you dont need to carry a gun on you here…So again i’m sure he wasnt
    carrying at least legally so begs the question did he really need to
    shoot it or would it have been safer for himself and his family to go
    back inside and call animal control which is less than a quater mile
    from the top of benfield (about 3 miles from his house) and if he wants
    to argue he was being a hero and saving his neighbors too then he should
    have went in the back door out the front and shut the back gate and
    called animal control.No matter what way you put this he was WRONG his
    argument makes no sense if you cant kill a human who made the conscious
    decision to come on your property and try to break in but doesnt have a
    weapon but of course has more intent in hurting you than a dog who doesnt know where it is and trying to protect itself then
    what the hell is wrong with the legal system and im not condoning the
    use of firearms i happen to love shooting i grew up shooting i am all
    for the correct people with the correct mindset using guns correctly but
    this is just and idiot setting off a firearm in a residential community
    what happens if he didnt look behind the dog? the bullet could easily
    travel through and hit someone, what if he missed? and the bullet struck
    a child being as there are many children in the areas who travel
    through those woods… and lastly if im correct 300 benfield blvd would
    be right nextdoor to the highschool and no idiot discharges a firearm in
    a school district… all i can say is if you think you know the area
    and want to jump down beckys throat check double check and triple check
    your thoughts before blurting them out and i would love to know why
    baltimore county police department is commenting on anne arundle
    counties activities and if this is really an official account and if
    this message was approved because your comments SHOULD be held to a
    higher standard since you speak on behalf of many many people …people
    which i personally know….people which also say they are bcpd and if
    they see a drug deal they dont mess with the people usually because they
    want to go home and see their kids at the end of the night so really i
    believe bcpd have better things to do than comment on this infact being
    as i know some bcpd officers and my friends live in baltimore so i go
    there regularly and see first hand what its like including 8th and 10th
    st in brooklyn i KNOW you have better things to do….Sorry but its true
    he is in the wrong your wrong in this discussion and you definitely
    have better things to spend your time doing… and that doesnt mean screwing me everytime you see me in baltimore for a game for speaking out against you in this article

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