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My Superhero Skills

| June 16, 2011, 01:21 PM | 0 Comments

I recently had a “milestone birthday”. Leading up to the big day, people were curious how I felt about turning the big “3-0.” I replied with excitement…and an enthusiastic “I get better with every year (wink).” Honestly though, this year in my life, this entrance into 30-hood, is coming with an entirely new set of skills I have acquired. I don’t at all claim to be “super mom”, but “super hero” may not be far off.

The most obvious ability has been that of literally creating food. My husband looked at me one day with amazement and said “your body actually keeps her alive.” So true….and something I do not at all take for granted. So this super power….we could maybe name “meal maker” is a new and exciting skill I use regularly. And I believe it is one for which Vivian is thankful.

Night vision. Another absolutely essential trait. I’ve learned that turning the hallway light on during 2am feedings wakes the sleeping baby. That’s a BIG “no-no” unless I plan to have my day begin at 2am. The solution; use no light whatsoever. So, once I hear her begin to squirm and say “mommy…please feed me” (using her own baby language), I quietly creep into her room, gently pick her up, feed her using super power #1, lay her back down, and exit. All in complete darkness. What’s more? I can manage to place binky in her mouth, give her baby “sprinkles” to cuddle, and not make a peep! Which brings me to super power #3.

The ability to be stealthy. During these night time feedings, I swear she does not even know I am in the room. I never knew I could be so sneaky, so silent, and less noticed. It’s like “extreme tiptoeing” (if it were a sport). I feel like I am in a James Bond movie, cautiously moving around laser beams that may set off a massive alarm. If for one second she and I make eye contact and she flashes me that beautiful grin, it’s all over and her brain goes into playtime mode. No matter how hard I want to talk to her, sing to her, etc. at this point we need no noise from mommy to keep her calm.

One skill all parents immediately have (I know mine did) was having eyes in the back of my head. While I prepare dinner, wash dishes, clean-up, etc. I know exactly what Vivian is doing. I’m sure this is partially because she cannot yet crawl away from me, however I can tell if she is squirming to get out of her Bumbo seat, has rolled over, or is getting ready to throw a tremendous fit.

My hearing has progressed from just sensitive to ridiculously sensitive. I am like an owl…and can hear the little click of the binky handle hitting the flat part of the binky (I’m sure mommies know what I mean here). I can tell by the tempo at which she is sucking her hands whether she is asleep, awake, or hungry. I am also now the Sandman (minus the green business suit, fedora, and gas mask ). As soon as the PJ’s go on and the rocking starts, she is instantly rubbing her eyes. Bedtime is now down to a science, complete with ocean sounds and rocking chair.

And what does every mommy super hero need? Not a big cape, a great hair style! While waiting for my figure to come back to it’s normal shape (or at least something somewhat similar to what it once was) and ignoring the black circles under my eyes, I knew there was one thing that could make me feel like “me” again. I went straight to my stylist and told her to make me feel fabulous. She did just that. So, if you have a favorite place to go for a sassy new ‘do, that’s great! If not, I would absolutely recommend Jordan Taylor Salon in Severna Park.

To all of the other mommy “super hero’s” out there, hope you are having a wonderful start to summer!

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