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County School Bans Students From Graduation

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WJZ is reporting that a Northeast High principal refused to admit 9 Northeast High students to their prom, suspended them for three days, and has banned then from attending any senior events including graduation.

According to the report, the Anne Arundel County Public schools is not going on record about the incidents and is standing by the decision of their principal.

While several of the students were indeed drinking, several claim to be guilty by association and are accusing the school of not following their own rules. None of the students were tested for alcohol and received their punishment based on the “smell of alcohol.” Additionally, the school was supposed to contact any parents for students turned away from the prom which they did not do.

One student, Kara Hankins of Glen Burnie, has filed a motion for a restraining order against the court to order the school to temporarily stop all activities including graduation, until this is resolved. A hearing was held yesterday, but the outcome is unknown at this time.

Another student did take a breathalyzer test the night of the prom which proved that she was not drinking, yet despite the test, the punishment remained.

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