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Vampires In Annapolis

| May 06, 2011, 02:06 PM | 0 Comments

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There are vampires in Annapolis!  No, we’re not talking about Dracula or his blood-thirsty relatives, these are psychic vampires that thrive on negativity and literally drain the energy out of their victims and families.  It may sound like something out of a Stephen King novel, but to one family in Broadneck, what they’ve been living with is not a piece of fiction.

Tonight, May 6th, “The Haunted,” which airs on Animal Planet at 10 p.m., will air an episode profiling the family as well as my paranormal team, Catonsville-based PRISMd., and our struggles in trying to help this family combat an unwanted predator.  We were first contacted by Michelle, mother and wife, during the spring of 2009.  Michelle and I had attended South River High School together and in her search for help, she came across my website and contacted me.  I’ve been involved with the paranormal realm since high school, twenty years now, in one way or another.  In 2008, I became the case manager for my now-fiancé’s group, the Paranormal Research and Investigation Society of Maryland.  Up until this point, our team had never had such a tough case.

Many of the people that contact us for investigations do so simply because they want validation that there is a ghost in their home or business.  In some cases, using our equipment, we are able to catch evidence to present to them that does indeed back up their claims of paranormal activity.  Many times, however, we are able to prove what they are experiencing is actually caused by natural phenomena.  We use equipment such as digital voice recorders, cameras, a DVR system, hygrometers, electromagnetic field detectors, thermometers, and thermal imaging equipment, just to name a few, in our investigations.  A typical investigation runs about 4 or 5 hours and then it takes us several weeks to review everything and come up with a conclusion.  In the case of Michelle’s home, we investigated several times and each visit brought more compelling evidence that there was something in her home.

When Michelle first contacted me, she was understandably upset as she was not dealing with Casper the Friendly Ghost.  Her children would have bite marks appear on them out of nowhere, growling could be heard within the home and it clearly was not from an animal, and Michelle and her children were not sleeping.  Worse yet, the family had experienced this phenomena in their home in Edgewater and had hoped to escape it when they moved to their current residence in Broadneck, but unfortunately it followed them.  In our investigations, we caught disembodied voices on our recorders, investigators were scratched and pushed, and unexplained black masses were visible to the naked eye.  The family was afraid that they were dealing with a demonic entity.  Although this entity was not nice, it did not show the classic signs of a demon, nor did any members of the family seem to be possessed.  We brought in several different ministers to cleanse the home and to bless it and although each time it seemed to work, within days the activity would return and actually get worse.  For over a year, my team tried everything we could think of to try and bring Michelle and her family peace.

At the end of last summer, I was contacted by the production crew of “The Haunted” in regards to possibly using my expertise in EVPs, electronic voice phenomena or disembodied voices caught on a recorder even though they are not audible to the ear at the time they are caught.  In the course of conversation, I was asked if we had a case here in Maryland that they could feature on the show.  After consulting Michelle and informing her that the show would be able to bring in experts that might better understand her situation, the production crew was granted permission to feature the family in hopes that their story might help another family who might be experiencing the same thing.

Author Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Demonologist Carl Johnson were brought in when we filmed just before Christmas last year.  Rosemary has written over 41 books and is a walking encyclopedia on all things paranormal.  After hearing the details of the case, she felt we were dealing with a djinn.  Although not a new term, djinn is not a common term within the paranormal community.

“An ancient Arabian legend says that God made humans from mud and clay, angels from light, and djinn from smokeless fire. In the western world, many people readily accept the idea of angels and demons, but most have no knowledge of the djinn, called ‘God’s other people.’

According to legend, the djinn were the first inhabitants of this world, where they lived for thousands of years before humanity arrived. In order to make room for humans, angels took the djinn out of this world and placed them in a dimension that parallels our own. There they stay hidden from our view. They have the ability to see and interact with us, but we have difficulty seeing them. They are cloaked in mystery, and it suits their covert purpose.

The goal of most djinn is to retake this world, which they feel rightfully belongs to them. In order to succeed, they must make humanity give up stewardship of this reality. They are accomplishing this by stealth and disguise. They have great powers and plenty of time, for they live for centuries.

Shape-shifting djinn may be responsible for many forms of paranormal phenomena and experience, such as UFOs, shadow people, ghosts, poltergeists, and demonic possession. In such ways, they gain access to us that enables them to steal our life force and information about us, and to manipulate and use us without revealing their true form and purpose. These negative experiences are on the rise,” is the explanation that Rosemary offers in her book, “The Vengeful Djinn,” coauthored with Philip Imbrogno.

Using Rosemary’s theory of the djinn, we found a new way to try and help Michelle’s family.  “The Haunted” chronicles this on the episode this week entitled “Stalked by a Vampire”.  Although combating entities is not our specialty, our team is pleased that with the show’s help, we were able to put the family in touch with experts that can help them.

To find out more about me, please visit my website, http://rie_sadler.webs.com or for my team, www.prismd.com . All of our investigations are conducted free of charge.  We respect our clients’ privacy and disclose nothing about our investigations without permission. I am also currently writing a book that will be a collection of ghost stories entitled “Ghosts of Maryland’s Western Shore,” and am always looking for stories others would like to share.  For more information about Rosemary Ellen Guiley and her books, please visit www.visionaryliving.com .  Rosemary will be presenting a lecture about the djinn on the evening of September 9th at Inspired Journeys in Odenton.


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