January 29, 2023
Annapolis, US 45 F

Sweet Potato Surprise…

It’s been an exciting time for Vivian lately. Recently, she has discovered how to eat her feet, push up to her knees during “tummy time”, enjoys sleeping in her crib (hallelujah), and was introduced to sweet potatoes. Our tall and skinny daughter was given the “okay” to begin real food! Each morning we start the day with some cereal, and at dinner time she dines on veggies (we have tried four so far) with a side of mommy, of course. I am still enjoying nursing so much, but I feel so proud and excited for her new discoveries.

While giving her a bath one morning she kept reaching for her feet. Once on the changing table, I saw her open mouth and insert big toe. It was fantastic! She chews on everything now; soft toys, hard toys, her fist, our knuckles, etc. She is drooling like crazy and it makes me thrilled to know that teeth may be in her near future. Her attention span is longer and she loves story-time, which is so enjoyable for daddy and I as well. It is nice to be able to sit with her before bed time and watch her drift away to a peaceful sleep and then gently lay her in the crib. This is a dramatic difference from the pack-and-play days when she was still sleeping in our room. I was able to begin using the awesome Beaba baby-food maker and am delighted to make her meals. It has inspired me to plant a garden that I hope one day she tends with me.

Watching her face with the first taste of sweet potatoes was hilarious. She welcomed this new meal, though skeptical at first, and each day is eating more than the day before. We of course took tons of photos, had hear wear the first bib I ever made for her, and nearly laughed ourselves ill witnessing the mess being created. By the end of dinner her face was orange, I had sweet potatoes in my hair and she had them up her nose, “little buddy” was speckled with sweet potatoes, and the dogs were canvasing the floor eager to clean-up.

These milestones make me happy and I have a bittersweet feeling in my heart. This past week I talked with a woman who was holding her seven-week-old. I could not believe what a huge different there was looking at her son. It made me realize how quickly the time passes. My husband is so looking forward to the stage where she begins to walk and stomps around with her big diaper-hiney shaking along. She engages in conversations with us now and when I really start talking fast and using my hands (which is often) she laughs at me. Making faces in the mirror has become a morning routine for us and I can’t get enough of her infectious giggle and “gummy” grin. Our baby is growing into a sweet little girl who sings in the car and loves to play.

For anyone interested in the baby food maker that I love, the link is below. There are not many local retailers that carry it, however you can do a search by zip code to find the one closest to you. http://www.beabausa.com/

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