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Westboro Baptist Protest Video

| April 14, 2011, 12:02 PM | 9 Comments

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The following video was taken this morning at the Westboro Baptist Church’s protest against Meade High School in Anne Arundel County.  The church was outnumbered by 100:1 and emotions were running high on both sides.  The long segment in the middle is Shirley Phelps-Roper, daughter of the church’s founder, Fred Phelps.

The video is unedited.  To hear Shirley Phelps-Roper talk about her position forward to 4:30 to 7:00. The last few minutes are when the Westboro Baptist Church packed up and was leaving!

For another angle, please see the video produced by The Annapolis Sound.

If you have video online, please leave a comment with the URL and we will edit this post and link to you.

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About the Author - John Frenaye

John is the publisher and editor of Eye On Annapolis. As a resident and business owner in Anne Arundel County for nearly 25 years, he realized that there was something missing in terms of community news–and Eye On Annapolis was born in late spring 2009.

John’s background is in the travel industry as a business owner, industry speaker, and travel writer. In terms of blogging and social media, he cut his teeth with MSNBC.com.

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Comments (9)

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  1. Jerry says:

    I don’t think the WBC deserves a platform, and I disagree with your decision to publish video of that woman. They have a right to free speech, but journalists should not be under any obligation to report on the crazy ramblings of these hateful people.

  2. John Frenaye says:

    It was not an obligation.

  3. Jen says:

    Jerry, I could not more vehemently disagree with the Westboro Baptist “Church” and their views or their choice of locations to express themselves, however, I also vehemently disagree with your point of view of journalism.

    Journalism has the obligation to report both sides of any situation as balanced as possible and then leave it up to you and me to make our own decisions and points of view about things. I don’t need journalism trying to manipulate my perspective because they will only show one side of political, racial or religious issues.

    I am grateful to those in journalism for reporting things that go against their own views for the sake of giving their viewers/readers an unbiased account of an event or issue. Kuddos to those in jounalism who have the integrity to do so. I know it must be difficult to report on such heated and obviously emotionally charged issues like this one!

  4. Jerry says:

    Ok, well then why post it? Simply to generate site traffic? There are some things not worth publishing, and you have the ability to exercise editorial discretion. I respect what you do and appreciate this website as a news source, but believe you made the wrong call here.

  5. John Frenaye says:

    We are all about news and events in Anne Arundel County. This was a major one. It drew 500 people to voice their opinion on an emotionally charged issue. People want to know what is happening in their area. Absent any media (and I did notice that WJZ was the only network affiliate there that I saw) attention, people who have a right to counter protest may never have known about it.

    There is the argument that if you ignore the WBC they will go away. Perhaps. We don’t have the answer to that yet, but left alone there is a chance that something will escalate. Yes there can be a mob mentality, but there is also safety in numbers to a degree. What might have happened had there been no attention and just five WBC people on the side of the road with their signs? Would someone have thrown somethign at them or worse? Would they have retaliated? It is an unknown.

    I appreciate your comments and opinion,but I am going to stand by the decision to report on it and include Ms. Phelps-Roper in the video. Can we agree to disagree?

  6. Jerry says:

    To be clear, though – I was not suggesting you not cover the event. It was definitely newsworthy. I just feel you could have done so in a way to not give a hateful person a platform. There are ways of presenting their side of things without allowing them unfiltered access to spew their venom.

    All of this said, unlike the folks from WBC, we are reasonable people. So of course we can agree to disagree. I wish you the best and will certainly continue as a loyal reader.

  7. A. says:

    can she even spell the words she speaks? lol

  8. sjames says:

    Thats me at 4:14 holding a very unusual cross, though you cant tell from the vid, even stopped on one frame.

    The WBC is despicable, but so is a good part of christianity. I’m thrilled to have been there with my “special cross”, which perhaps a hundred kids got pix next to me with friends cellphones.

    Religion has been the cause of most wars or the supporting cast. the Catholic church has yet to EXcommunicate the worst murderer in history, Hitler, born and baptised catholic in very catholic Austria in 1888.

    the southern evangelicals justified slavery as per the bible, and form the base of most of the 1000 recognized hate groups in America, eg FRC, NOM, and AFA.

    the kids who were there know what that cross was made out of, they loved it (got one or two bitch comments from adults.

    The sooner we toss much of christianity in the trash can of history, the better off we will be in this country.

    As we join virtually every west european country except italy (no wonder) in granting gay people marriage or the same rights under a civil union type law.

    And btw Latin America is changing, 6 countries in that category and several more on the way.

    And 3 in easttern Europe, Israel, Repub of South Africa, nepal, australia, New Zealand, and in one special case Japan.

    And of course our friends to the north in Canada, where the only sky that has fallen since national gay marriage is the storm clouds of the catholic church, now for the most part despised, And btw all but dead in Europe as we com out of the dark ages.

    www.nobeliefs.com/nazis.htm A picture is worht a thousand words

  9. sjames says:

    btw, recent pols show that despite the cruel hierarchy of the catholic church, still living in the dark ages, about 63% of real catholics support Marriage for gays and 73% support civil unions.

    One of these days the good people of the catholic church, now run by a man whose earliest lessons were growing up in Nazi germany – those good people will abandon the church and it will be no more.

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