February 2, 2023
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Westboro Baptist Church To Target Meade High School

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UPDATE: Someone has organized a counter protest for Thursday morning. Details can be found on this Facebook Event page.

The Westboro Baptist Church, known for picketing the funerals of soldiers, is planning to picket Meade Senior High School this Thursday as students arrive for classes.

In a press release issued by the Church, they specifically targeted Meade High school citing a large number of homosexual students.

In response, Superintendent, Dr. Kevin Maxwell sent a letter home to parents advising that the school did not sanction the protest, but acknowledged that the group has a constitutional right to protest. The school is working with authorities at Ft. Meade and the Anne Arundel County Police to insure that the protest remains as peaceful as possible. Maxwell stressed that the protestors and any counter protestors will not be allowed on school property.

You can read the Westboro Baptist Church press release here, but be aware that the language is strong and offensive.


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  1. It’s in Topeka, KS. The address is right at the top of their notice, which you can reach directly from teh article.

    I wonder what their fascination with Maryland is. There are plenty of places to protest between Topeka and Maryland, yet they seem obsessed with coming here. Isn’t this their 3rd or something trip here?

    maybe it’s because the jury in Baltimore federal District Court awarded a $13 million award against the church to the father of thedeceased Marine whose funeral they picketed in Carroll County.

  2. This is absolutely absurd! Not sure where they think they are going to picket?

    The entire area around Meade High School is Federal Property, to include the land across 175 and 175 itself.

    Maybe, put them in the middle of 175 and not put up any traffic barricades? Great idea…

  3. It is too bad that (one of) the dude(s) who was Fred Shubbie died recently, as he would surely have had something very amusing to say here.

  4. wonder why none of the local mainstream media sites have anything about this on their websites….

  5. I go to meade middle and I just dont understand if people wanna be gay they can be gay… this protest is not gonna stop them from being who they are!

  6. I know why in this article they said because meade middle and meade high have a high rate of homosexuals! I go to meade middle

  7. theyve picked meade out not only because of its large homosexual community, but also because a majority of the students there are soldiers. WBC hates says that God hates this country and its people for what we tolerate here; therefor anyone who would fight for this country deserves to die. Which is why they often picket soldiers funerals. In the flier on the WBC website they called meade “Fag infested” & said that the parents there have brought their children up on lies and have caused them to be “violent, lustful beasts”.

  8. omgggg! this is all so crazy, i go to meade and i was looking up what everyone kept talking about and i can’t belive this is really gonna happen. these people are crazyyyyy! i can’t belive its legal to let them do this. and knowing the kids from my school i know thur is going to be a crazy day lol
    i just pray for people like that

  9. These people are bullying children! Since when is that legal? My kids go to this school. What can be done? I’m all for the 1st amendment but these people are targeting children.

  10. I am not sure much can be done. They are not on school property or government property and will be on public property. Not familiar with the driveways, but can buses be re-routed through Ft. Meade to the school to avoid them entirely?

  11. Janelle,

    I understand your concern! We have created a group of “counter-protestors” to spread the messageof love and to drown out the WBC. We are hoping that our message of accepetance and peace is so loud that the children of the school never even get to see the WBC and their hate!

  12. You got to love it they envoke the rights but hate on those that make there rights possable. So in what ever bible they read god says it ok to hate. No not the god I was tought about, he and his son jesus tought love for all man kind. Maybe WBC should read the whole bible and not just the parts they think suport there hate. One more thing for WBC to think about Hitler tought the same message that you are.

  13. I imagine it is difficult to schedule with the transportation (Middle and Elementary Schools), plus, I imagine they might stay later (unless restricted by permit times) and to a degree, they win.

  14. they are going to be off of school property, at the CVS across 175 (an area where very many of the children walk through/by every day to get to school) . there are A LOT of counter protesters that are going to be there, although they will have a separate area. i know of 3 facebook event pages for people who are participating in the counter protest. One of which, has over 350 people. The others having over 50 each(the last time i checked). so there is going to be a HUGE turn out for the counter protest. so anyone who would like to counter protest, dont hesitate on going, i promise you wont be the only ones there! & many people are even bringing food&drinks for the protesters.

    also, there was mention of beginning donations during the counter protest. The idea is to collect donations for a group that the WBC openly hate & donating the money to that group on their behalf. afterwards thank you cards are sent to the WBC thanking them for the donations and for helping out a group that they hate.
    which will really piss them off! not sure if the donations thing is official though.

  15. I woudl be careful about making any donations at the site. You hate to think that it is true, but there may (will?) be some scammers there and you could lose your money. I also think that they don’t care and any donations could be more effectively used here i the county–homelessness, gay and lesbian outreach and education, etc.

  16. Religion…still the most evil force on the planet. The crusades, the dark ages, the holocaust and now the american religious right. Pure stupidity caused by bronze age books that endorse murder, genocide, slavery, chauvinism, homophobia and the abuse of children. Leave it behind!

  17. They are protesting this school because there are a lot of military kids there. And they are upset that the military is allowing homosexuals in the military. The protests funerals of military members wasn’t making the news anymore so now they are going after our kids. This school doesn’t have a higher ration of gays than any other. Not that it would matter if it did.

  18. Maybe there is something legally we can do about the bullying that WBC is inflicting on our children. I’m all for the 1st amendment, even when they were going after the military funerals, I said well they have the right to express themselves, but now they are targeting children with hateful messages, this is illegal!! And if I’m wrong about that then it should be illegal.

  19. It would be difficult for the buses to reroute to the middle school, the high school maybe. I live near there and it will inconvenience my commute, but I know there will definitely be counter protesters there too.

  20. I would love to see the military police shut down 175 before the intersection and the county police to shut down the rest and prohibit news media too. This group thrives on the media coverage – if nobody shows their desired result is not achieved.

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