February 2, 2023
Annapolis, US 37 F

Local Kids To Stage Demonstration For Mother’s Day To Bring Daddies To Downtown Annapolis

Zachary’s Jewelers is holding a mock protest with local children holding small picket signs like “1,2,3,4 Shop Main Street, that’s what it’s for!” and “Mommies love Diamonds” while marching up and down Main Street.  The “protest” is being held to remind local residents that shopping locally for mother’s day is good for the local community.  The protest will be held at 2pm and again at 3pm while the young children advocates march up and down Main St.  Zachary’s Jewelers will also have a family fair that day from 1pm to 3pm which will feature a magic show, Chesapeake Dance Company performance, songs by USNA Glee Club’s Anchormen, and a visit by Snow White!  In store, Zachary’s Jewelers will be featuring designers Charles Krypell, Lisa Niks, and introducing their newest design “I love you for always” mother’s ring.

Stephen Samaras, owner of Zachary’s, said “This is a fun way to remind our local residents how important it is to shop locally in the independent stores downtown.”.  He also added “The research firm Civic Economics has conducted several economic impact studies for cities across the country (New Orleans, Austin, San Francisco and Chicago, for example) showing a powerful local multiplier effect that results from recycling of capital spent at independent businesses.” Stacy Mitchell, who conducted the research for The Institute for Local Self Reliance, believes this multiplier is a key to our economic recovery. “Spending and investing more with local independents is powerful economic stimulus for communities,” she notes.

The event is free of charge at the downtown Annapolis location, we request that if you are attending RSVP Nicki Bouchard at [email protected].

Zachary’s Jewelers is a family run jewelry store that specializes in diamond importing, custom design, and high end designer jewelry lines.  They hope to not only become well known for their one of a kind jewelry and exceptional customer service but also as an involved local business that cares about their community.

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  1. So what’s really going on here is a cheap publicity stunt for Zachary’s??? Ridiculous… promote local shopping and the support of local merchants, but can you do it in a less shameless “huckster” like manner complete with using children (oldest trick in the book). Geez…

  2. Personally I think it is a great idea. It is sponsored by Zachary’s of course, but the message to support local businesses is a solid and needed message that has been lacking of late. Just take a look at the number of vacancies. Children? Well I think it is cute, unique and funny. We can agree to disagree. But according to the information provided this is not just a guise to get people in the store, there will be activities, entertainment, etc. If someone goes into a store or two, it is a win for everyone.

  3. I’m all for a campaign to bring more businesses and shoppers to downtown Annapolis. I love DTA and want to see if thriving. That said, I really hope these organizers figure out in time that a faux protest with little kids holding signs is not going to endear them to anyone. Ick. I’ll pick another day to shop downtown.

  4. By the way, the rest of the family fair day thing seems like a neat event with some cool free performances, etc., but just no need to use children that way.

  5. I agree, supporting local business is a good idea, but using kids this way is somehow distasteful…

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