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Regional Recap, March 22, 2011

Agents Rescue 51 Dogs From Anne Arundel County Home.  Anne Arundel County Animal Control is investigating a hoarding case in Pasadena.Authorities said 51 dogs were rescued from a home Monday. Officials said they’re desperate to find the dogs new homes.Animal control said an anonymous tip lead them to the home. Inside, they said they found dozens of dogs and piles of feces.The owner, Charles Richard, claims the dogs took over his life.”It just snowballed. It took years, this didn’t happen in a week or two or a month. This is been going for awhile,” Richard said.He said he’s a construction worker by trade but started breeding dogs for sale almost 15 years ago.

Vote Fails To Override Veto On Labor Dispute In Anne Arundel County. The Anne Arundel County Council has failed to override County Executive John R. Leopold’s veto on amendments to a bill that affects collective bargaining disputes.The council failed Monday to muster the five votes needed to override. The vote in favor of the override was 4 to 3.The bill had passed unanimously earlier this month. It was designed to give the council final say in labor disputes between the county and its public safety employees.Prior to the change a neutral third party issued opinions when disputes arose, and both the administration and the council would be bound by those rulings.

BWI Firefighters Could Be Cut In Budget Bill.  Legislators in Annapolis are considering cutting the fire department staff at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport.The proposal is buried deep in the budget bill that is expected to come to the House floor Monday evening and be debated later this week. The cost-cutting move could save taxpayers a few million dollars, but critics said they fear the price to pay for jeopardizing public safety is far greater.Nearly 100 people man a 24/7 vigil at the airport’s fire department. Fire and rescue operates out of a single station house on the airport grounds, but its responsibilities have changed dramatically.About 40 percent of the time, they’re called to assist another jurisdiction, most often in Anne Arundel County, officials said.In 2009, statistics showed the airport firefighters helped Anne Arundel 1,281 times. The county assisted the airport’s department 61 times.The disparity caught the attention of those looking to save taxpayer money.

MD Senator Proposes Sales Tax On Alcohol.  Maryland senators will soon decide whether to add a sales tax for beer, wine and liquor, similar to the one D.C. levies.Sen. Verna Jones-Rodwell, D-Baltimore, introduced a proposal Monday night which would phase in a new tax on alcohol sales and raise $90 million for the cash-strapped state.The proposal would add one percentage point a year on top of the state sales tax over three years until drinkers pay 9 percent to the state whenever they imbibe.

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