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Regional Recap, March 16, 2011

Expert: Nuclear Power Sees Uncertain Future Again. Nations across the world that use nuclear power are looking closely at the safety of their power plants as the nuclear crisis in Japan unfolds, and many are wondering what the future of nuclear power is.In Europe, energy officials are applying stress tests to their plants. Germany is switching off seven of their reactors, one permanently. The crisis in Japan again exposes the downside of nuclear energy. It was first exposed at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania on March 28, 1979, when an accident caused by faulty equipment and bad decisions led to the partial meltdown of one of the reactors.

Delegate Threatens Suit If Illegal Immigrant Tuition Bill Passes.  A Republican lawmaker is threatening to sue the state if his colleagues pass legislation providing a college tuition break to undocumented students.The lawsuit will be filed if the measure makes it out of a House committee and if the full House passes it before the end of the session.The full Senate voted Monday night to pass the bill.Delegate Patrick McDonough, R-Baltimore County, vowed arguments against the measure would be heard in court if his House colleagues send it Gov. Martin O’Malley. The governor said he would sign it if passed.”When I say I’m going to file a lawsuit, I mean it,” McDonough said.

USDA: Voluntary Bay Efforts Working; More Needed. A new USDA study said voluntary, incentive-based Chesapeake Bay conservation efforts are working, but more is needed. The study released Tuesday by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service said additional conservation is needed for most of the cropland in the six-state bay watershed. The study said 19 percent of the watershed’s cropland is in high need of additional conservation to prevent sediment and nutrients such as fertilizer and manure from running into waterways and the bay. Another 61 percent is in moderate need.The study only looked at cropland, not animal feeding operations. The survey comes as environmental and agricultural interests are clashing over a new stricter federal bay restoration effort that has prompted a court challenge by the American Farm Bureau.

Police: Store Owner Stole, Tried To Cash In Lotto Ticket.  A liquor store owner is facing fraud charges because she tried to cash in a winning lottery ticket that she’d told a store patron wasn’t a winner, according to Baltimore County police.Authorities said Maryland Lottery officials received a tip that the owner of Ross Liquors in the 700 block of Merritt Boulevard in North Point had been stealing the winnings from people who had tried to cash in lottery tickets at her store.

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