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Need Help With Your Organization? We Can Help!

In a little less than a week, your organization could be on its way to expanding programs, developing partnerships, and engaging more volunteers.


By applying to Volunteer Maryland!

There is a great resource out there – people.  People to serve meals, plant trees, tutor kids, provide job training, and so much more.  But how do you find them, and more importantly how do you keep them coming back?  We could have the answers for you.  Each year Volunteer Maryland partners with nonprofits, government agencies and schools to create better, more effective volunteer programs.  We do this by placing a Volunteer Maryland Coordinator within your agency to focus on your volunteer program needs, create systems and structures to support the program, and recruit volunteers to fill the gaps.

Volunteer Maryland trains each Volunteer Maryland Coordinator on best practices of volunteer management and program development, and works with agencies to create programs that bring results, and develop systems to sustain the program.  On average each Volunteer Maryland Coordinator recruits and manages 175 volunteers during their 11 month time with an agency, and each of these volunteers contribute about 15 hours of service.  The current dollar value for volunteers is $20.85, so that means that the total value of one volunteers service is equal to a little over $312.00.  Multiply that by the average 175 volunteers and you are looking at over $54,000 in volunteer services!

Volunteer Maryland is a great resource, but we also know we are not for everyone, so we have some good things to look over before you even apply.  Our website has some good information including the application, a short webinar on how to complete the application, and good information concerning our program.  Need more?  Advice from our Director, Maureen Eccleston on submitting a successful application.

Of course you can always contact us by email or give us a call at 410-767-6231.

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