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More Accusations Against Leopold



Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold
Anne Arundel County Executive John R. Leopold

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The Capital reports today that the head of the firefighter’s union was contacted by an investigator from the State Prosecutor’s Office regarding Leopold. The allegations stem from a member of Leopold’s security detail who accepted a check from Craig Oldershaw for a campaign contribution.

Leopold has responded that due to medical issues, some of his security detail did indeed perform tasks that he normally would have done. Leopold contends that this latest complaint is merely an act of retribution by the unions for the recent change in binding arbitration.

Tonight, The Baltimore Sun is reporting that John Singleton, the attorney who has brought a $10million federal sexual harassment suit against Leopold on behalf of Karla Hamner and several other women, has now shifted gears and is now representing several members of Leopold’s security detail. According to Singleton, he is negotiating their cooperation in exchange for immunity from prosecution. Singleton himself is also a defendant in a sexual harassment suit stemming from alleged improper behavior towards a married client he was representing.

Joanna Conti, the Democratic candidate that lost to Leopold also states that she has been contacted by the State Prosecutor regarding allegations that the County Executive’s security detail was illegally removing her campaign signs.

While the union, Conti, and Singleton are confirming there is an active investigation, the State Prosecutor’s Office will not confirm it citing standard policy.

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