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Major Drug Bust In Annapolis

| March 18, 2011, 11:12 AM | 32 Comments

On March 16, 2011 detectives from the Anne Arundel County Police Department’s Special Enforcement Section working with HIDTA detectives intercepted a suspicious parcel at a local package sorting facility in Anne Arundel County. Detectives were able to obtain a search warrant for the parcel. Upon opening the parcel, detectives located 21 bags of suspected high grade marijuana. Detectives then conducted a controlled delivery of the parcel to a local hotel.

A short time later, detectives arrested Cynthia Hathaway, who was coming to the hotel to pick up the parcel. Detectives then delivered the parcel to a location in the Annapolis area, where they observed a second subject, Charles Mcloud, take the parcel and walk towards his vehicle.  Detectives subsequently arrested Mcloud and recovered the parcel.

A search warrant was obtained for Mcloud’s residence located at 363 Forest Beach Road in Annapolis. Detectives knocked on the door and made contact with Linda Mcloud and immediately noticed the odor of fresh marijuana. A search of the residence was conducted and detectives located and seized an indoor marijuana grow. The grow consisted of eight mature marijuana plants. Detectives also located and seized three grams of suspected cocaine, 10 shotguns/rifles, four handguns, an uzi machine gun and approximately $8,000 in U.S. currency. The 21 bags of marijuana had a combined weight of 20.5 pounds. The total street value of the marijuana in the parcel and the marijuana plants was approximately $215,000.

Suspect #1: Cynthia Lynn Hathaway, 47, of P.O. Box 1079, Garberville, CA. The suspect was charged with Possession With Intent to Distribute Marijuana and Possession of Marijuana

Suspect #2: Charles Edward Mcloud, 35, of 363 Forest Beach Road, Annapolis, Md. The suspect was charged with Possession With Intent to Distribute Marijuana (2 counts), Possession of Marijuana, Manufacturing CDS, Possession of Cocaine, Possession of a Firearm in a Drug Trafficking Crime.

Suspect #3: Linda Mcloud, 30, of 363 Forest Beach Road, Annapolis, Md. The suspect was charged with Possession With Intent to Distribute Marijuana, Possession of Marijuana, Manufacturing of CDS, Possession of Cocaine and Possession of a Firearm in a Drug Trafficking Crime.

(l ro r) Cynthia Hathaway, Linda Mcloud, Charles Mcloud











Source: Anne Arundel County Police

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Comments (32)

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  1. Keisha says:

    Kind of like when you’re frying chicken or baking cookies???? LOL!!!

    (I pasted the best part of the article below)

    “Detectives knocked on the door and made contact with Linda Mcloud and immediately noticed the odor of fresh marijuana.”

  2. Annapolis Guy says:

    I know the mcloud family and expect more to come out soon. drugs, weapons, sex…. the story is sure to continue. This family is bad news.

  3. trouble says:

    Lock them all up and throw away the key. Get the drugs and guns out of our community. Unfortunately they will find some pricey attorney to set them free and the drugs will find their way into our schools.

  4. neighbor says:

    I live in the neighborhood and want them out. No drugs and guns belong in a family friendly community. Stop the madness.

  5. perspective says:

    Don’t know who made any of you the judge or the jury. Last time I checked people are innocent until proven guilty. I’m beyond sure none of you are perfect and have your very own dirty little secrets.
    Annapolis Guy- obviously you don’t know the Mclouds if that’s what you think they are about, and by the way who said anything about sex….pervert.
    Trouble- whatever, if things were so simple it would already have been done, but since you are so gung ho why don’t you make it happen big guy!
    Neighbor- if you don’t like the neighborhood YOU chose, then move.

    Either you people are part of the problem or part of the solution. Since you are hiding behind a news article on your computers which has many many errors it would seem you are part of the problem.

  6. concerned says:

    Why the thumbs down when parents are concerned? Do we want drugs and guns in our schools, neighborhoods and Annapolis?? I sure hope that whatever judge handles this case takes it seriously and gives them what they deserve. Jail time. Please clean up Annapolis.

  7. bad perspective says:

    Are you their attorney??

  8. real perspective says:

    Everyone has a right to be concerned, but to assume guilt and start calling for their eviction is a bit absurd. I am sure if they had guns they were not meant to be used on innocent children in your community. It sounds like they were pot dealers, let’s keep this in perspective. If they aren’t doing it someone else will. Your kids you want so badly to protect and keep safe can more easily purchase Marijuana than beer. I am sure they were aware of the risks associated with this type of criminal activity and I am sure they will suffer the consequences. I just hope their young children are cared for by loving family members and when released they have a chance to redeem themselves.

  9. Anony Mouse says:

    Meanwhile a budget proposal is trying to make it’s way through Annapolis to release enough Maryland inmates to close a prison facility. So, quick question, who would you rather have free on your streets?? Pot sellers? Child molesters?? Rapists??? Murderers?? Home invaders?? As a nation we spend RIDICULOUS amounts of money arresting, prosecuting and jailing people for marijuana……which btw, is LESS dangerous to the human body than either alcohol or cigarettes which are both legal. Stop being brainwashed sheep, do some actual research and then get on the right side of this battle!! To quote Jimmy Carter “The legal penalty for a drug should not be more damaging to a persons life than actually using the drug.” Hard to believe–a politician with some sense!

  10. John Frenaye says:

    But, marijuana (for right or wrong) is still considered an illegal drug. And I do not want to speak for the others, but if it were my neighborhood, the weapons would be a greater concern for me.

  11. Informed says:

    The guns were licnesed, and in a gun safe.

  12. John Frenaye says:

    I do not know the gun laws, but I would be surprised that Uzi sub-machine guns were legal in Maryland when you consider the state is pretty restrictive on most gun issues. There were also several assault style guns based on the police release. I guess if they are collectors that is one thing; but if they are using them to support a drug business, that is another one entirely.

  13. real perspective says:

    Legalization of Marijuana is a debate unto itself, but I personally agree that the effects are less damaging and it’s been shown to be less addictive than alcohol or nicotine. Our Government rakes in a ton of money on Cig and Alcohol taxes, why not put pot dealers out of business by allowing uncle Sam to regulate, tax, distribute, etc… It would be the largest growth industry we’ve seen since the dot com era…but I digress. Most of us will only know what we read in the Capital on this arrest, so it’s really hard to pass judgement or defend them either way without knowing all the facts. I would personally rather see pot dealers on the streets than rapist, murderers, or child molesters. That’s just my opinion and we are certainly all entitled to just that.

  14. Unbelievable says:

    Who are you kidding? Legalize drugs? Guns are safe? Marijuana in schools is not damaging?

    I have had enough. We need a town hall meeting to discuss and stop the madness now. This crew was selling drugs to kids in schools, had guns in a family friendly neighborhood and you are trying to convince the entire community that this is legal????

    I hope that school superintendent, Dr. Kevin Maxwell gets involved. I am sending him the link and see how the school board feels.

  15. Crazy says:

    Obviously perspective and real perspective don’t have any kids. Quote of the year from your comment:

    ” I would personally rather see pot dealers on the streets than rapist, murderers, or child molesters.” What street do you live on??

  16. perspective says:

    If you read any of the other stories out about this you will see that the “Uzi” was a non operating weapon, which probably means it was a replica. Also, you will see that the guns were in a safe, locked up like any responsible gun owner. Expand beyond eye on annapolis to have a nice rounded view on the news stories. Regardless of what anyone puts up here….it’s all speculation.

  17. read more says:

    once you add…possesion with intent… you throw registered weapons permit out the door.

  18. John Frenaye says:

    Just to clarify, here are links to the “other stories” from Broadneck Patch, The Baltimore Sun, and The Capital:




    The only one to mention an inoperable Uzi was The Capital and they state that TWO were seized and one was inoperable. The Capital also states that MOST of the weapons were in a safe in the basement which seems to indicate that some were not.

  19. Strongly Agree says:

    I agree with unbelievable and hope that the school board and Mayor gets involved.

  20. real perspective says:

    Um…Crazy? You would rather live on a street with murderers, rapist and child molesters than a pot dealer? Talk about quote of the year, your name clearly fits.

  21. read more says:

    i didnt say that.
    knowing the law… you might wanna smartin up and get another place to put your goods.
    just sayin.
    green should be legal…agreed.

  22. perspective says:

    Please tell me where it says they were selling drugs to kids in schools. How do you come up with this stuff? Did you send your child to school with enough money to buy drugs? If that is the case you have more to worry about then whats going on in news articles. Maybe you should stop spending so much time on the computer and more paying attention to what is going on in your own life. You write your comment as if they were standing outside the schools waiting. Get real. Dr. Maxwell will click the delete button on your e-mail, why? because you sound like a crazy person, spinning stories and trying to create something that is not there. Besides which, INNOCENT until proven guilty.

  23. perspective says:

    Don’t belive everything you read.

  24. real perspective says:

    I was referring to the post prior to you, “Crazy” seems to think living amongst killers, rapist and child molesters is better than near someone who deals marijuana. People like this who focus so much energy and attention on harmless drugs like pot miss out on the fact that kids are buying synthetic drugs on the internet that are FAR more dangerous and have recently been blamed for numerous suicides and deaths. A bigger threat to our children right now is prescription narcotics that kids are stealing from their parents and mixing as a cocktail. But let’s ignore those and have a town hall forum to discuss how evil Marijuana is. These people will pay the price for the crimes they’ve committed and it’s unfortunate they were operating a clearly illegal operation. But if you think they are the only ones or it doesn’t just create an opportunity for someone else you are crazy. Marijuana is easier for your kids to get than beer, it’s just a fact and if you don’t believe me just ask them. If people want to have a town hall meeting, they should address some real issues like teen pregnancy, synthetic drugs being purchased on the internet, kids popping prescription meds.

  25. Veryfaraway says:

    Poor people doing Witch hunting.

  26. funny says:

    I heard that he ordered the pot through the mail and the order was messed up and they sent too much?? How often do you go through the mcdonalds drive through and order a cheeseburger and they give you a box with 200,000 cheeseburgers instead?

  27. Jim says:

    I have known this family for twenty years and knew Charlie when he was a young pup. His father has done work for Uncle Sam and everyone knows it.Charlie has obviously made a few bad decisions here but everyone sitting on the clotheline squawking needs to simmer on down. They charged his wife with making an illegal CD. I would to raid every household that has written and look for some duplicated CDs. John’s wife has worked for the same company for 27 years and is a top performer. Every time there is a charity event these folks are the first to dig in their pockets. Charlie possesion of the firearms is not only legal but protected by the second ammendment. They were locked and permission was given to open the safe. they were not used in the commission of any alleged drug offense and as such they really don’t matter unless these nitwits writing this uninformed babble want to just throw out the constitution. I think you should quit being jealous and petty and wait for all the facts. Charlie has NEVER been in trouble in his life. THE FEDS WON’T EVEN PROSECUTE MARIJUANA UNLESS IT IS OVER A THOUSANDS POUNDS AND BELONGS TO A CARTEL. FEDERAL JUDGES ARE RETICENT AND ALMOST NEVER ISSUE SEARCH WARRRANTS FOR MARIJUANA CASES. One last thing one of the miscreant posters mentions sex. I did not know it was illegal. Sounds like another frustrated guy on the internet . Perhaps the fact that you aren’t getting any means you think it is illegal, nitwits sitting at home in their underwear making ridiculous comments.

  28. Jim says:

    I would like to add one more thing regardingCharlie Mcloud and these judgemental writers.Did Charlie made a series of bad choices? There is no question that he did but how many of us has not. That is why they call it DOPE not smart. When people smoke dope or drink liquor for that matter they make VERY bad choices. When you smoke dope you make very bad choices just like when we drink and drive or allow people to do so.
    Lets WAIT and see what all comes out many of you will be more than a bit surprised. Let’s not castigate this family for the cars they drive or the houses they live in. Even the nit wits making comments can do the math and know that a lit pot does not make a miilionaire.

  29. Highly Annoyed by these Damn Posts says:

    This post is over a week old, let it go and move on to the next story. Geez!

  30. Jim says:

    Now you want to move on after a bunch of mindless nitwit cast aspersions on one and all without all the facts. What will everyone say when this case goes away and the real story comes out. You think everyone will apologize and tell the school board something. like the frigging has ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS.

  31. More Annoyed says:

    Enough already. You break the law, you pay the price. Drugs and guns are illegal. We have laws for a reason. Good family or bad family does not make a difference. Move on and let the jury decide.

  32. Jim says:

    You frigging idiot guns are not illegal. They can be if unlicensed or fully automatic but these were neither. As far as drugs could not agree more. You sick pious pontificating uniformed moron. All serial numbers have been verified by the ATF and came back clean. The problems with these computors is that they have are the uniformed and uneducated with a soap box to spew their ignorance.

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