February 1, 2023
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I Am That Mom!

Never have I “eaten my words “so much as since I have become a mother. It’s funny how we look at other mom’s with their children in a store and think “how can she let that baby do that?”, then we become “that mom”. Since Vivian’s birth, I have so many times thought how wrong my ideas on parenthood were before she came into our world.

I remember seeing babies in the store without socks on and thinking, “wow…how is mom just letting that baby’s feet hang out?” I now understand how impossible it is to keep those tiny little socks on those fat little feet for more than 10 minutes at a time. What’s more, Vivian likes to rub her feet together and kick them off constantly. I recall thinking there is nothing more annoying than hearing the high-pitched squeal of a baby while in line at the grocery, or at a restaurant. Can’t that mother do something to quiet her child? I am now “that mother”.

I am obsessed with hand sanitizer, read the “active ingredients” in everything I ingest, bath in, and cook with, and notice even the slightest sniffle someone around me has. I am the mother with the “bare feet baby”, who is squealing with delight in the check-out line and I LOVE IT! Never would I put the pacifier in my daughter’s mouth when she is loud with happiness. Crying, yes….but never when she is singing with joy. I am the mother with the baby drooling at the lunch table as I dine with a girlfriend, waiting the extra two minutes to turn right-on-red just to be extra cautious as the driver behind me glares with annoyance, and with a constantly wet shoulder full of baby spit or baby puke…whichever happens to be the “scent of the day”. I’m the mom who jumps every time I hear my child cry, even if she is just five feet away and in the arms of a relative. I assume everyone thinks she is a cute as I do, and I have to tell everyone of her “milestones” regardless of how small. I always thought that my daughter would be in pink polka dots and bows from head to toe. Always in a dress and fancy little shoes. Boy was I wrong! I now understand why little girls don’t always have bows in their hair or matching clothes. It’s a triumph just to make it out of the house and remember to fill the diaper bag!

Before Vivian I used to think I would know how it felt to be a mom. I honestly thought I would be a “tough love” kind of parent, having no issue letting my child “cry it out”. Instead, I find I am the one crying when she is sad and doing everything in my power to comfort her.  She holds my heart in the palm of her tiny little hand and I would not have it any other way. Our daughter is blossoming more and more each day. She can giggle at us now, plays games with me when we look in the mirror, always has to have a “buddy” to hold on to in her carrier, and lights up as soon as daddy gets in the door from work. As the weather changes, I am thankful to be able to take her on walks in the stroller and watch her look around in awe of her big world. She is curious, sweet, silly, smart and beautiful. We have an active little one who is singing at the top of her lungs at the moment while I work in our office. I love how she is a totally different person when we are at home with her, as if she knows it is her “safe place” and she can be silly.

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  1. I love this! It’s so true! I was in your shoes when my daughter was a baby. Now she’s 3. I can honestly say, I have the “let her cry it out” attitude now. I guess I’m more immune to her whining demands and tantrums. I thought the “terrible 2’s” were bad. Now I’d welcome them with open arms. LOL. These 3’s are worse because her tantrums are now filled with more drama, she talks better so she has so much sass and demands. The sudden outbursts of crying….for no apparent reason. Oh, let’s not forget about her manipulation. I really do think my 3 yr old daughter gets PMS, because she gets moody and cranky at the drop of a hat. LOL. I was warned about all of this, but I thought those kids only get that way from the parents not disciplining. Boy was I wrong. They’re like that anyway. I can’t imagine how much worse she’d be if I didn’t discipline her and stay on top of things.

    I was the parent who refused to allow my daughter to have any kind of princess stuff what-so-ever. I don’t care for pink or the sassy diva attitude that comes with the princess stuff. Well, now mot of her decor is pink with Disney Princesses. LOL. Somethings just aren’t worth the fight. It’s what she’s into….

    Funny how we have strong thoughts about “those parents”, and then when faced in that situation, we become “that parent”. LOL.

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