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Easy, Cheap And Effective Solutions To Sinus Congestion And Spring Allergies

| March 08, 2011, 05:00 PM | 1 Comment

Spring is nearing and for many people that means the return of seasonal allergies and chronic sinus congestion.  If the sound of a lawnmower makes you run for cover, try these two simple home remedies.

A neti pot is a small ceramic or plastic container filled with a warm salt solution which is then poured in the nose to irrigate the nasal passages.  Rinsing the nose helps to flush out inhaled irritants and soothes irritated tissues.  A mild salt solution is a natural and gentle cleanser.  Many people find that regular use of a neti pot reduces or even eliminates the need for over the counter allergy or decongestant medications.  Here is a link to a YouTube video of Dr. Oz demonstrating a neti pot.  And one of a 3 year old using one like a pro.  You can find a neti pot at your local health food store or online.  Don’t use table salt to make your saline solution, use the salt that is make for use with a neti pot.  And for around $20, what is there to lose?

Reduce or eliminate wheat and dairy from your diet.  From a Chinese perspective these are two major causes of phlegm production, which translates into a stuffy, runny nose and sinus congestion.  Many people who eliminate wheat and dairy from their diets feel better in other ways such as reduced aches and pains, clearer skin and better digestion.  I recommend almond milk as opposed to soy or rice milk as a cow’s milk substitute.

There are always over the counter and prescription remedies which of course work well too.  Acupuncture is also indicated for seasonal allergies and chronic sinus congestion especially when a person wants a more natural solution or cannot take allergy medications because of other health conditions.

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About the Author - Meaghan Massella Walker, M.Ac, L.Ac

Edgewater Acupuncture provides acupuncture treatments on a sliding scale of $15-$35 with a one time $10 paperwork fee for new patients. Acupuncture is for everyone. It’s most effective when received frequently and regularly. This is the reason behind Edgewater Acupuncture’s prices — accessible, simple, effective healthcare for you and your family. This accessibility allows you to come as often as necessary for you to get healthy and stay healthy. You decide what you pay. It’s that simple.

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  1. Rita says:

    Meaghan, I am such a fan! Great information here, I need to cut down on the wheat and dairy =) And coming to see you would certainly help too!!!

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