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Anne Arundel County Police Nab NY Man Wanted For Murder

Michael Kenny, age 42

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On Friday, March 11, 2011 at approximately 1200 p.m. the New York Police Department (NYPD) Manhattan South Homicide Task Force contacted the Anne Arundel County (AACo) Police Homicide Unit and requested assistance in locating a fugitive named Michael Kenny. Michael Kenny was wanted in connection with a murder in New York City on March 10, 2010 and NYPD developed information indicating Mr. Kenny was traveling to the Millersville area of Anne Arundel County to contact family members. It was also reported that he was driving a white work van, which was stolen in New York.

Detectives from the Major Crimes Section immediately responded to the family’s residence and developed a plan to safeguard family members from Mr. Kenny. While at the residence detectives coordinated a safe location in Queen Anne’s County. Once at the alternate location, the Queen Anne’s County Sheriff’s Office assisted by providing periodic checks to further ensure their safety.

Throughout the day detectives and uniformed patrol officers saturated the Millersville area in an attempt to locate Mr. Kenny. Additionally, AACo Homicide detectives were in constant contact with the New York detectives sharing up-to-date intelligence. Detectives believed that Mr. Kenny may wait until darkness to drive to the Millersville home, so a strategy was developed to capture Mr. Kenny before he could drive into the community.

At approximately 1900 hours members of the Major Crimes Section with the assistance from the Quick Response Team (QRT – SWAT), K-9, Special Enforcement Team, Aviation Unit, and Patrol responded to the area of the Millersville address. While the teams were traveling to the address, a detective conducting surveillance in the neighborhood, observed Mr. Kenny in an area parking lot, with the stolen van.

Mr. Kenny drove from the parking area followed by detectives. Detectives waited for additional units to arrive before affecting a traffic stop. When officers activated their lights and siren, Mr. Kenny failed to stop. Patrol officers equipped with Stop Stick tire deflation devices were deployed to the surrounding roadways in anticipation of Mr. Kenny’s direction of travel.

Mr. Kenny maintained a slow speed (less than 50 mph) while officers followed him on several roads, eventually returning to the original area.

Officer equipped with the Stop Sticks observed Mr. Kenny approach their position. One of the officers successfully deployed the device and deflated two (2) of Mr. Kenny’s tires. Mr. Kenny continued to drive down the street until coming to rest in the 700 block of Mattawa Court, Millersville. Once stopped Mr. Kenny failed to comply with the officer’s request to exit the vehicle for several minutes. Eventually, members of the Quick Response Team and K-9 units were able to apprehend Mr. Kenny after the use of a Less than Lethal weapon.

The Less than Lethal weapon was a shotgun which fires a bean bag projectile. This weapon is meant to stun and temporarily incapacitate a suspect, and proved very effective for this incident. Although Mr. Kenny was seemingly uninjured by the deployment of the Less than Lethal weapon, pursuant to Police Department policy, he was treated and released at a local hospital (Baltimore Washington Medical Center).

While on the scene of the apprehension, members of the New York Police Department and U.S Marshall Service arrived. The stolen vehicle was recovered and towed to the AACo Evidence Collection Unit for processing.

Anne Arundel County charges for Mr. Kenny are not determined at the time of this release and will be decided on a later date. He is currently being held at the Anne Arundel County Detention Center, on a detainer from New York, for the outstanding homicide warrant.

Suspect:    Michael Kenny, age 42
Last known address: 194 Beach 109 Street, Queens NY
Source: Anne Arundel County Police
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  1. criminals have to many rights and protections these days… shot a bean bag at him? give me a break… handling serious criminals this way puts us ALL in greater danger… murdered someone and would not stop the van… should have pointed guns at him and gave him a choice. stop or be shot. period.

  2. I disagree. Not so much that the criminals deserve a break, but it is unclear if deadly force would have put someone else in danger. Would it be OK to shoot him if there was a risk of your child, or your property being shot? And we have to remember, that this guy is still innocent till proven guilty–unless I missed a memo someplace.

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