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Rising Gas Prices Pinch Anne Arundel

With the unrest in the Middle East, Anne Arundel County residents are sure to feel the pinch at the pump. While some experts claim that $5 a gallon by summer is real, others say that is a “worst case scenario.

Exxon Gas Prices
The Exxon at the corner of Forest Drive/Bay Ridge Avenue and Hillsmere Drive in Annapolis has raised their cash price to $3.31 and the credit/debit price to $3.36.

While drivers can do little other than wait and see, it did not take long for the Exxon station at the corner of Forest Drive/Bay Ridge Avenue and Hillsmere Drive to pounce on a price increase. The $3.31 per gallon is their cash price and they charge 5 cents additional for credit or debit card purchases. Of course contributing to this increase may be the fact that their competition across the road is replacing their pumps and unable to sell gas.

However, signs that gas is on the rise can be seen all over town as was evidenced by a short drive this morning. Bowen’s (a cash only station on Forest Drive) is typically the lowest in the area and they are at $3.15. The Wawa in Edgewater is at $3.17 as are most of the stations in that area.  Several cruise lines have already re-implemented a fuel surcharge of $6 to $9 per person per day. This can add a whopping $300 per person to the price of a cruise! Airlines, as a whole, have yet to re-implement their surcharges, but they are in the works. Yesterday, crude soared over $100 a barrel on fears of the Libyan crisis–this was the highest price in four years.

As an aside, a general rule of thumb is that at $4.50 per gallon, it becomes unprofitable for long haul truckers to run their vehicles. Since so much of our distribution chain relies on tractor trailers, it stands to reason that any product shipped via truck will also see a proportionate increase in cost–groceries, home goods, and more.

So, what is an Anne Arundelian to do? Will we see a rush on scooters? High demand for electric cars like the Chevy Volt? What will you do to manage your gasoline budget as well as your electric budget–which we already know is also on the rise? Speaking of which, have you taken our 7 question BGE survey? Please leave a comment.

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