November 28, 2023
Annapolis, US 40 F

Police Warning: Vehicle Break-Ins On Rise

The Anne Arundel County Police Department has released the following warning about the incvrease of vehicle thefts:

With the warmer weather comes crime of opportunity. One of these crimes is theft from parked vehicles and it continues to be a problem throughout the Eastern District. Although we have seen a double digit drop in these types of theft last year, we urge citizens to take steps to prevent being victimized so we can reduce these numbers further.

Simply taking all property out of your vehicle, or placing it in your trunk, and locking your vehicle doors can dramatically reduce the likelihood your vehicle will be broken into. Also, parking it in a driveway, if you have one, will help. Thieves are less likely to walk close to your home and break into your vehicle.

Most of these thieves simply walk down the road, or through parking lots, and look to see if there is property in a vehicle and if the doors are unlocked. If you vehicle is empty and the doors are locked, they will simply walk by and move on to the next vehicle.

Also, we encourage citizens to call us if they see suspicious persons walking or driving through your neighborhood. If you see someone walking through your neighborhood in the middle of the night, it’s likely they are up to no good and we need to come out and check them. Don’t wait until the morning to call us. If you do, it’s likely vehicles have already been broken into and the suspect is long gone. Please talk to your neighbors about this topic so they can join us in preventing these crimes.

Enjoy the warm weather while it last and protect yourself from this type of opportunistic crime.

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