December 11, 2023
Annapolis, US 46 F

Annapolis Home and Remodeling Expo

The Annapolis Home and Remodeling Expo is this weekend and next weekend.  If you own a house, the Expo is a great opportunity to check out a variety of companies that can help you get the most benefit out of your home!  Maybe it is an enhancement like an addition or sunroom, or new landscapaing, or a re-design, or maybe just something basic you need to keep it working well such as HVAC, windows, or waterproofing.  There is something every homeowner will find, all in one place.

Also at the Annapolis Home and Remodeling Expo this weekend….. If you have something in your house from Aunt Mildred, or a family keepsake, or just something you picked up at a yard sale and you don’t really know what it is worth, come meet Dr. Lori, PhD in art history and antiques expert.  She will tell you what it is and what it is worth!  Sat. at 11, 2pm and 4PM.  Limit, one item per person, seating is limited.  Last year, a fan had an old lamp, turned out to be worth $40,000!

Also at the Annapolis Home and Remodeling Expo this weekend……  The wacky Gardener Guy from HGTV’s Gardening by the Yard is coming in for the fun!  Paul James will be on at 12 noon and 3pm Sat. Feb. 19th!  Bring all your gardening questions and problems for Paul!

The Annapolis Home & Remodeling Expo will take place Saturday and Sunday, February 19,20 and 26,27 at the Annapolis National Guard Armory at 18 Willow Street.

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