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3 South County Teens Arrested For Armed Robbery

| January 30, 2011, 02:18 PM | 17 Comments

On January 28, 2011, 1945 hours officers responded a reported an armed robbery of a citizen in the area of Franklin Manor Road and Tiffany Drive, Deale, Maryland.   The victim reported he was walking in the area when a male approached him, displayed a handgun and demanded money. The victim relinquished an undisclosed amount of currency and the suspect ran away, heading east on Tiffany Drive.

The suspect was described as a white male, approximately 6 feet tall, weighing 175 lbs.  He was wearing a black skull cap, black jacket and blue jeans.

Aikin and Powell Booking Photos

Nathaniel John Aikin (l), Brandon Lee Powell (r), and a third juvenile were arrested in connection with an armed robbery in Deale, Maryland.

Numerous officers, including an Anne Arundel County Police K9 Unit, canvassed the area but were unable to immediately locate the suspect.  As officers expanded their search, an officer conducted a traffic stop on a SUV containing four males on Masons Beach Road, Deale.  Based on evidence uncovered during the traffic stop, three of the four persons in the vehicle where implicated in the robbery.  The following persons were arrested and charged:

  • Brandon Lee Powell; 19-years-old, 6060 Melbourne Avenue, Deale, MD; Charged with Armed Robbery, Robbery and Theft.
  • Nathaniel John Aikin; 17-years-old, 1203 Oak Avenue, Shadyside, MD; Charged as an ADULT with Armed Robbery, Robbery, Theft and Accessory after the Fact
  • Male juvenile, 15 years of age; Charged on a juvenile citation with Accessory after the Fact and released to his mother.

Source: Anne Arundel County Police Department

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Comments (17)

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  1. Patrick Aikin says:

    this maybe public record but nathaniel is still a juvenile and his pic or name and address should not be up here.. He was not found guilty of any of these charges.. I will thank you for takin this off

  2. Patrick Aikin says:

    p.s get the spelling of his name right

  3. John Frenaye says:

    The information was released by the police department. If he were charged as a juvenile, his name would not have been released. We have not indicated that he is guilty or not guilty of the crime, only that he was arrested and charged in association with the crime.

  4. Alice Chappell says:

    Your friend or relative Nathaniel just started his life and will not be able to get a job with a felony. He won’t be able to get into the Armed forces or even vote. I hope his family has a business that he can work at, cause no one else will hire him. This will follow him for his entire life. Sad.

  5. Sam says:

    Most people live in this area to get away from crime, not saying that they are guilty or innocent, but if found guilty one thinks that community service, hard service for a year would be a punishment to meet the crime, or maybe a public spanking at the elks lodge or the happy harbor parking lot.

  6. jennifer says:

    I agree with Patrick, Natel is still a juveniel and the person that was robbed has even told Nate himself that he knows Nate had nothing to do with it and will make sure the judges no that in court. The journalists for this story can only get what was given by the police, but what is sad is the fact that it may not be the complete story. This gives Nate a bad rep when he is not a bad kid.

  7. Patrick Aikin says:

    Alice my son will get a very good job and if u check he can get into the armed forces or maybe even be a football star like mike vic.. think before u speek..And as far as sam goes the places you mention for the spankin sounds like local bars you sure u can spank while drunk.. mayb i’ll give you the chance..

  8. Mayo says:

    “this maybe public record but nathaniel is still a juvenile and his pic or name and address should not be up here..”

    Is he juvenile? From what I understand he drives without a license (like an adult), smokes (adult), drinks (adult), doesn’t go to school (adult), tatoos (adult), and hangs out late at night like an adult…. all of these actions are adult in nature and it is allowed, so now he/you want it to be juvenile

  9. Mayo says:

    It is illegal for him to smoke, drink, drive, and needs a waiver for tattoos by MD State Law but in all of these cases it is allowed by his parents. All of these actions are adult in nature and he must be trialed as an adult.

  10. Alice Chappell says:

    I hope you can get him the best lawyer in the area. If he is convicted as an adult with armed robbery, he will not be able to get a good job or get into the Armed Forces.

    I did check and the Armed Forces lets around 500 convicts a year in right now, because the services are desperate. They are not going to sign up someone convicted of a violent offense. They also limit signing up people with GEDs. Your son has a double strick.

    I have a relative convicted 25 years ago and he was not able to get a job working for a school system. He has a Masters in Math and Physics. Smart, but had that conviction in his history, which was not even violent.. I know many people without job opportunities, because they made bad choices at a young age. I hope you can get his charge reduced, so he can have a second chance.

  11. Patrick Aikin says:

    Mayo he does hav a license and he does not need a waiver for tatts check the laws before you speak ..And i never seen him with a ticket for smoking or drinking but since you are all up in his business you would know these facts. My two older sons work at a respectable tattoo shops so no problem on knowing the laws on tatts..And Alice if you hav read the story i see no where Nathaniel’s name is metioned as doin the crime but i guess we will see..And he already has a good job..And you may never know the criminal back round of your electrician, plumber or auto mechanic mayb even your doctor

  12. Brian says:

    This is one of the most absurd things that I have ever seen. First, the “kid” is not a juvenile – he was charged as an adult (as is evident in the charging statemet above). This could be for a number of reasons, but based on the type of crime – and the possibility of a firearm being involved, there is where you get your answer.

    Second, Patrick – I know that you are trying to do your best by looking out for your son – but man, coming in here and right off the asking for a story of both public interest and public record to be taken down is ridiculous. On top of that, your second post requested that the author spell his name right. Before you go and start pointing fingers for a typo or a misspelling, try the Spell Check feature on your computer. Furthermore, try to use some good English Grammer when posting – because in the majority of your posts, you come off as an uneducated idiot. Examples include, but are not limited to, “speek”, “mayb”, “hav”, “i never seen him…”, “work at a respectable tattoo shops..”. Get the jist? Based on your replies to the others who are freely expressing their opinions on this matter, it seems that perhaps if you paid a little more attention to parenting and good old fashioned discipline, then he might not be in this situation now, would he?

    As for the Armed Forces, if a person is convicted of a violent crime that includes the use of a handgun (as is the case here), he will NOT – I repeat – NOT get into the Armed Forces, no matter how “desperate” they are. Many of the jobs in the military now require a thing called a security clearance, and a convicted felon just “ain’t gettin’ one”…got it?

    As for the punishment, should a conviction occur, I believe that public embarassment should be a viable option. Why not a public spanking, did we have guns and violence in the schools way back when? No…and WHY? Because teachers had the authority to hand down capital punishment when the shoe fit.

    As for Sunny, I am sure that everyone is bewildered at the fact that you seem to be so proud of your convicted felon relative. An apprenticeship? Really? You mention “the prospect” of being able to make over $100K per year – around here that is not alot of money. As for the prospect, well…if he / she continues to go around and break the law then I guess they will wind up making about $2.51 per day in the State Pen! If you happened to pay attention, you mentioned the fact that schooling was involved to reach this great earning potential – yet the kid never graduated high school. Seems to me he is missing a beat.

    For the final point, and for the record, 17 years of age is NOT a juvenile in this case. Everything read in the paper has been filtered through not only the police, but the court system who has the authority to release out to the public – get the facts straight here before you continue on with your redneck, unintelligible pohdunk South County rants.

  13. John Frenaye says:

    Sunny- Just to confirm, “Mayo” and “Brian” appear to be two different individuals based on IP addresses, computers, and browsers. I can;t say with certainty, but it does appear they are two separate people.

  14. patrick says:

    Brian was not born he was made by the hands of GOD perfect in every way..I don’t sweat anything u hav 2 say i know i’m not perfect but do love my kids..If you want to drop your email i’ll be sure to fill you in on the outcum of the case.. May BRIAN (GOD) be with you.

  15. family friend says:

    I have known Nathaniel for a long time, has he made wrong decisions with friends? Yes, but there is a thing as wrong place wrong time. I have seen it more than once. This is one of them. He is a kid!!!!!!!!!!!! We all make mistakes shit I’m a grown ass man and I still make them. We all do, and if you don’t well damn you must be perfect. But for one “brain” tattoo artist make a lot more then you think, I do know a couple tattoo artist that make well over $100,000 a year. Really a public spanking he isn’t 10!! And yes sunny should be proud of their relative they got their life straight. Like I said before we all have made mistakes. There is a reason they call it a past!! Really going to get on someone’s case about English grammar? When you can’t even spell it right? That’s low for anyone. We all aren’t as smart as you. Well let’s see have of the kids in school now a day’s don’t know it, they rely on Microsoft word to do it for them!! EVEN VOTE really? Get your facts straight they can vote upon completion of all supervised release. If you are going to say something on here at least know all the facts. No one should be getting mad or upset about what someone else said about them its life we all have our own opinions on stuff. Sorry but the truth hurts even if you don’t want to hear it. Nathaniel has great parents!! Do you know them personally? I do, and their great parents, I would trust them to raise my kids! Parents don’t always know what their kids are doing. Teenagers lie they want to do their own thing. I know I lied to my parents when I was younger about what I was doing and where I was at. Back to my point of WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES!!!! Patrick isn’t uneducated just not educated like you are. We all have stuff we are good at, I can tell you right now I suck at English grammar, and does that make me uneducated??? Yes most people move down to good old South County to get away from “crime”! But really it may not have the violent crime like other places but look up how many drug charges have happened in South County. I know have of the people in my class have done or still do drugs. There are more drugs running in South County then parts of DC and Baltimore! This article just gives you the information that the police want people to read like “brain” said everything has been filtered through the police and the court system. I can tell you right now not everything gets released to news papers. I know a lot of cops.

  16. lol... says:

    It’s not sad if he*********did it and continues to rob people. Which he does.

  17. Anon. says:

    This kid robbed me after this article and I know plenty of people he’s robbed… before AND after he got caught for this!!! I’m glad his father is so damn proud of his pill-addicted, thieving son.

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