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Snowden Headed Back To Court

Carl Snowden
Snowden headed back to court in January

It looks like the prosecutor in Carl Snowden’s drunk driving case is having a change of heart and the former Alderman for Annapolis will be headed back to court in January.

Snowden was given a Probation Before Judgment sentence last month for his third DUI arrest in 8 years. He was convicted of one in 2003 and the charges were dismissed in the second one. Snowden’s psychiatrist, Dr. Xiudi Fan seems to feel that the third time is the charm for Snowden and drinking–in a letter to the judge she opined that Snowden is unlikely to re-offend.

The Baltimore Sun reports that the special prosecutor agrees with Eric Hartley, a reporter for The Capital who broke brought up the illegality initially. But for now, everyone is keeping mum.

Snowden will not return calls, Judge Ronald Silkworth will not comment on a case, and Snowden’s current employer (Attorney General Douglas Gansler) will not comment on a “personnel issue.”

This is uncharted territory and no one seems to know how it might end up. On one hand, Carl Snowden might end up in jail for a few weekends like most other repeat offenders in Maryland. On the other hand, the man who has been referred to as the “Teflon Don” of Annapolis may skate free and argue that he either cannot be tried twice for the same crime or that increasing punishment after sentencing is in itself illegal.

Stay tuned, Snowden’s hearing is scheduled for January 13, 2010 at 9:00am in the Circuit Court in Annapolis and is scheduled to last for 30 minutes.

What is most disturbing about this whole incident is not that Carl Snowden was driving drunk, but that the sentencing judge, Ronald Silkworth, and a prosecuting attorney were unaware of the laws of the State of Maryland.

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