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Regional Recap, December 2, 2010

Arundel Village Residents Seek To Block Sale Of Property. Property in northern Anne Arundel County is up for sale, but some residents say it belongs to the community.WBAL-TV 11 News I-Team lead investigative reporter Jayne Miller said the property sits in the heart of a community known as Arundel Village.Longtime residents like Robert Moore said the place has always belonged to the neighborhood.”I moved in this area September 1953,” Moore said. “It was a place to gather in. We had meetings. If you had any complaints, you would come to the community association and field your complaints.”

Anne Arundel County To Change Forms For Disciplinary Problems.  Anne Arundel County school officials are hammering out a new policy that they hope will help track students with discipline problems.The policy makeover was prompted by the Maryland General Assembly, which strongly urged the district to draw up a new discipline policy over concerns that some student forms were not being properly processed.School board members said there is a need to change the way the district is currently processing student discipline referral forms. The guidelines basically change the current form from three pages to four.

Shop Owner Attacks Robber With Spatula.  An Anne Arundel County pizza shop owner who said he was tired of being robbed decided to fight back Monday night, and it was all caught on tape.Police said 31-year-old Mark Ensinger walked into a Pizza Boli’s in Brooklyn Park shortly before 11:30 p.m. Monday and tried to rob it.

New MD Law Will Change Traffic Ticket Process. People who get traffic tickets in Maryland will have three options under a new law taking effect in January. Now, drivers automatically have trial dates scheduled, but that won’t happen under the new law. They will be able to either pay the fine, ask for a waiver hearing instead of a trial or request a court date for a trial. Drivers will have to comply within 30 days or risk having their driver’s license suspended by the Motor Vehicle Administration.

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