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Murder Scheduled For Crofton December 31st

| December 20, 2010, 03:42 PM | 1 Comment

Murder Mystery Dinner for New Year’s Eve!

Everybody plays but if you want a minor role that’s okay, but everybody rolls!

Fins Hawaiian Fusion & Sushi in Crofton will be hosting a New Years Eve Murder Mystery! You can play or play along with a fun group of adults as they ring in the New Year. The fun and affordable night offers an open bar–and here is the kicker–Fins has arranged a shuttle service to take you and your car home after the event if needed!

So, how does it all work? You will either choose a role, or one will be emailed to you prior to the party.  When you arrive at the party, you will receive two envelopes, and promptly open the first. In the first envelope you will find some money and a list of objectives…information you either need to obtain or share.  Midway through the evening a murder will occur!  After the murder you will open your second envelope, which will provide you with additional information and provide you with another list of objectives.  Now your task is to determine the identity of the murderer.  Prizes will be awarded for best costume, best actor, most money, etc.

The Details

TIME: 6:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

COST: $65 Per Person.  $10 additional at the door.

OPEN BAR: 6:30 p.m. to Midnight

Crab Balls
Seared Sea Scallops
Seared Ahi Tuna
Assorted Sushi
Tobago Cays Chicken

Filet Mignon Skewers
Huli-Huli Ribs
Sugar Soy Seared Salmon
Crab & Cheddar Stuffed Chicken Breast

The Players

Ronald Trump: Casino owner. Ronald is the owner of the Paramount Casino, the largest and grandest casino on the Las Vegas strip. Ronald is a man you don’t want to betray-the result could be deadly! Male. May be played by someone who likes to be in charge and admired. Must address the party at one point.

Iguana Trump: Casino Owner’s wife. A former beauty queen, Iguana now rules the entertainment side of the Paramount. Her time in the lounge has made her knowledgeable about much more than show tunes. Female. Family woman. She enjoys being rich and flaunting it.

Precious Trump: Floor manager. Precious is aware that the profits from casino are dwindling…and they can’t be attributed to gambling losses. Her job may be on the line if she can’t find the thief. Female. Innocent and very devoted. She wants very much to please her father.

Cole Conway: Booking Manager. Working in the casino sports book allows Cole to monitor everyone’s sports bets. Cole knows who is truly winning (and losing) in the Paramount. Male or female. Loyal, but willing to exploit secrets.

Jack Black: Blackjack Dealer. Jack is an unpopular employee at the Paramount, but he is trying to change that. He has been spotted in some secured areas of the casino. Could he be the thief or was he tracking one? Male. Sneaky and without much of a backbone. Seeks approval from others.

Paul Piano:
Lounge Singer. Late nights in the lounge leave Paul singing a lonely tune. Trouble is Paul wants something his bankroll can’t afford. Male. Devoted and loyal.

Elvis: Elvis Impersonator. Elvis can impersonate a lot of different personalities, which has gotten him far in life. Even Elvis’ closest confidants don’t know who he truly is. Male. Flagrant and full of personality.

Mimi Martini: Cocktail Waitress. A money-hungry cocktail waitress, Mimi will do anything (and use anyone) to advance herself out of the casino lounge. Female. Very satisfied with herself. Conniving and craves the center of attention.

Jim Beam: Bartender. Although known to be a ladies man, lately Jim has been out of luck with love. Male. Knows what he wants and will do whatever to get it.

Lucy Legs: Show girl. Lucy is a cruise line performer who has dropped anchor in Las Vegas. It is no secret that she wants to be married to Elvis rather than by him. Female. Outgoing, a performer at heart.

Security Sam: Security Manager. Sam polices who goes into and out of the casino and is ultimately responsible for any thefts the casino may incur. Their job is on the line if someone is not caught for the recent heists. Male or female. A bit of a pawn. Needs to be able to lie in order to hide their secrets.

Senator Justice: US Senator. A senator who spends a lot of time in Las Vegas. He has some ties to convicts, but that doesn’t make him one. Male. Fast-talking and deal-making. He can lie to get himself out of any situation.

Jacquelyn Justice:
Senator’s wife. She will do anything to save her husband’s career. She cares more about being a senator’s wife more than she cares about the senator. Female. Sophisticated and affluent. Thinks of herself as better than the rest. A bit ruthless in order to keep her status.

Ace High: Gambler. Known for his high bets and his big money, whatever lucky lady lands him as her husband will have hit the jackpot. Will Ace’s past come back to haunt him? Male. A bit slimy and very fast-talking. He knows just about everyone.

Hot-Slot Sal: Gambler. Sal spends their casino time at the slots and never seems to leave empty handed. Could the casino losses be attributed to their successes? Male or female. Sneaky and willing to spread rumors.

Full House Frank: Gambler. As one of the wealthiest men in Vegas, Frank feels he doesn’t get the respect he deserves.How far will he go to get it? Male. Out for revenge and respect. Doesn’t mind calling attention to himself.

Hustling Hailey: Gambler. A hustler at heart, Hailey will do anything for money. Although she has spent much time in the lounge with Paul, her latest conquer has been gaining Ace High as a husband. Female. Vindictive and money-hungry. Will do anything to hide a secret. Ruthless.

Colleen Candy: A classy call girl. Her clients are plenty and plenty rich. What may be more shocking than who is paying her salary may be who can’t afford the rates she’s charging. Female. Risqué and fun. Likes to play someone who is desired by men.

Agent Avery:
FBI Agent. Agent Avery is here doing a random inspection the casino. If anything goes wrong at the Paramount party, they will be the one to take care of business. Male or female. Authoritative and doesn’t have a problem speaking to everyone, both in a group and individually.

Jamie Journalist:
Reporter. Jamie needs to stay a step ahead of the rest if they hope to break the story that is about to happen tonight. Male or female. Inquisitive and out to solve the murder.

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  1. Ben Anderson says:

    I would like to thank John Frenaye for posting this and Jessie Hahn of the Galway Bay Restaurant Group for putting me in contact with Eye On Annapolis. Having been a part of Fins Hawaiian Fusion for the past 5 years, we have always put emphasis on Holidays, New Years Eve being no exception. The Murder Mystery night is a perfect way to ring in the New Year. Last year we packed the house. Young (21+) and old alike enjoyed High-end tray service apps and a Killer dinner Buffet as well as 5 hour open bar for a very fair price. The beauty of the evening is you can be as involved as you want. Go for a major part and dress to the nine’s or just relax with a very minor role and just watch as the evening unfolds. Then based on evidence you try to figure out “who dunnit”. The Murder Mystery ends in time for the champagne toast at midnight to ring in the New Year. Then you can call it a night or stay and hang for some more fun and drink. The bar is allowed to stay open past a normal 2 AM last call. And as mentioned above, we have a shuttle service that can drive you, your party, and your car home, so no worries about driving or cabs, we’ve got the DD’s for you. This a Great way to spent New Years Eve with family and friends, have Fun, and Be SAFE!! Any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at Fins 410.721.4200 or [email protected].

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