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Facebook Sheds Light On Stabbing

| December 12, 2010, 10:01 AM | 66 Comments

Anne Arundel County Police have not released a statement on last night’s stabbing yet, however, we have learned that this happened after a birthday party for a girl who was about to turn 18.

According to Facebook posts, one of the guests at the party believed something derogatory was said to them and apparently called some friends with the intention to fight.

See original report here.

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Comments (66)

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  1. laura says:

    you got some info wrong. alot.

  2. John Frenaye says:

    We have only reported what was released by the police and from what was posted on the facebook page. I suppose the investigation will tell when it is complete. We also heard unconfirmed reports that there was a possibility of a gun, but that has been unconfirmed.

  3. dsnbbsd says:

    I was there, no one saw the gun but there were shots fired

  4. John Frenaye says:

    Hopefully you have told what you know/saw to the police.

  5. no says:

    Idiots brought it on themselves.

  6. Kimber432 says:

    I would like for the truth to be known about what happened last night at my daughter’s Birthday party. First and formost, THERE WAS NOT A FIGHT AMONG THE GUEST IN ATTENDENCE. THIS WAS A BIRTHDAY PARTY WITH MY DAUGHTERS CLOSE FRIENDS AND FAMILY. However there was a young black male at the party that felt like someone had disrespected him. In retaliation he called upon 12-15 black males to come to my home. He left before they arrived. As the guest were leaving my home they were confronted by these black males. The black males were pushing and shoving on not only the males but the females as well. I ran out of my front door and confronted the largest of the black males and asked him to please calm down, He stated to me “F**k you were from Naptown mother f**ker”. I yellad at him to leave and to get from in front of my home and he said “Shut the F**k up you fat ass white Bitch”. and then he shoved me! My husband was right behind me and he took a couple of steps forward and said “hey hey thats my wife dude” The large black male and three of his accomplisses grabbed my husband knocked him to the ground and hit and kicked him. My daughter witnessed this and she began to scream and cry “thats my dad, get off of my dad” when one of the black males punched her in the face! At this time I called 911 and tried to gather up everyone and get them back inside when I noticed several of the black males had my daughters boyfriend on the groung kicking and hitting him and it was at this time he was stabbed.
    Now had the young black male attending my daughters birthday party never made that phone call my daughters party would have ended and we would be talking about what a great time we had, not about the problems I have endured over the years raising my adult son! BECAUSE I CAN TELL YOU ONE THING FOR SURE WHEN THOSE BLACK MALES LEFT ANNAPOLIS AND CROSSED THE SOUTH RIVER BRIDGE LAST NIGHT THEY HAD ONE THING ON THIER MINDS AND IT DIDNT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH BIRTHDAY PARTIES AND MAKING HAPPY MEMORIES!!

  7. fdghfh says:

    & before they left they someones window was BUSTED OUT & there were GUN SHOTS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. JAY says:

    This happens every time when you let blacks into your party. They carry weapons and are there to fight. How come this is not a hate crime? Think if this was the other way around with whites using racial insults and attacking blacks. There would be hell to pay. But because its the blacks doing it its business as usual.

  9. C says:

    I still don’t understand how her statuses have ANYTHING to do with ‘shedding light’ on the case. Nothing in these statuses are ANYTHING that she hasn’t told the police. Also, you mine as well have not even slightly blurred out the name or pictures because you can STILL SEE the picture & the name, maybe not too well but well enough. If you’re going to publicize a minors facebook, BLUR IT OUT RIGHT!

    I love the family as if they were my own & this really irritates me.

  10. no says:

    Gosh, black people sure are violent. It’s a good thing whites never commit crimes of any kind.

  11. L says:

    Seriously, if you’re son is an adult, why don’t you kick him out? Save your neighbors the trouble of worrying what’ll happen next and when. Hate to say it but we’re tired of being kept up late at night from the fights and arguments we hear every few weeks.

    Also nice to know that you condone underage drinking in your own house…

  12. laura says:

    ill post on here exactly what i posted on my facebook –

    OKAY let me throw this out to everyone who keeps talking about what happened the other night – IT HAD NOT A DAMN THING TO DO WITH RACE ! yes – the people who showed up at the house & started the fight WERE BLACK, but that doesnt mean that all black people are bad. there are white people who act the same, and maybe even worse. it shouldnt matter to anyone what color each other were, the fact is PEOPLE GOT HURT ! blaming it on peoples races WILL NOT CHANGE WHAT HAPPENED!!! what happened was wrong, but if the people who started the fight were white, then what would you have to say ? all white people are bad ? people are gonna do stupid stuff where ever you go -reguardles of wether your pink blue or purple. so stop pointing fingers just at one race, because every race is capable of doing what was done the other night !

  13. laura says:

    & it would be nice if the pictures were blurred a little better. the posts on facebook have nothing to do with the stabbing.

  14. laura says:

    it’s really none of the neighbor’s business.
    stop being a nosy neighbor & sticking your nose into their business. no ones harming you so keep to yourself.

  15. Fred Shubbie®©™ says:

    Such a sweet mom and caring dad, getting out there and fighting with the ‘mob’ before calling 911. Good Judgement call there Mom and Dad. And the theme of the party seems to fit in with the strong family values you have instilled in your daughter–Ice Luge and Jello shots !!! Wooooo Hoooo !! Beverly Hillbillies meets Jerry Springer !!!

  16. Running with Scissors says:

    Good one Fred, but shouldn’t be Beverly Beach Hillbillies?

  17. Ash says:

    This is ABSOLUTELY caused because of blacks, don’t be so blind to the fact they love to fight and shoot people, I mean look at Baltimore County, what is the majority race there? And how many people die there a DAY? Thanks, proves my point. 2nd the family likes to party, it’s their business, their home and their responsibly, I agree under age drinking should be better monitored IF allowed but by no means was this bought to them because of “bad parenting”, tho this family does have a million and two problems, rumors constantly heard and a name that no one would be proud of.

  18. Edgewatah Chickah says:

    Come on Kim. You come here acting so surprised and start looking for votes for mother of the year. Well here’s a newsflash–mothers of the year do not supply alcohol to their 17 year old daughters! And if they do, they certainly do not supply it to the underaged sons and daughters of other people. Who the hell are you?

    Why don’t you mention the two times you were busted for not sending your kid to school?

    So don’t come on here playing the victim. If your daughter’s “guest” haden’t got drunk off the alcohol YOU provided, he might have realized that no one dissed him at all. But since he was so fucked up and judgment impaired, he called his boys.

    And somehow it is all about the bad black kids from Annapolis and you had nothing to do with it?

    Right. Get real!

  19. Fred Shubbie®©™ says:

    ” tho this family does have a million and two problems, rumors constantly heard and a name that no one would be proud of.”

    Tell us more please !!! This is very important to this conversation.

  20. dsnbbsd says:

    Shut up fred mind your business

  21. dc says:

    laura wrote: “people are gonna do stupid stuff where ever you go -reguardles of wether your pink blue or purple”

    Yep, especially when you surround yourself with stupid people.

    I do feel bad for the neighbors. Wouldn’t want to live near people with these kinds of screwy priorities.

  22. Fred Shubbie®©™ says:

    and may this be a lesson to all you underage criminals with law breaking parents—Facebook is not private !!!! It may be used in Court depending on its relation to the matter before the court.

    regardless, it sure does make some people and their parents look irresponsible.

  23. J says:

    It concerns the neighbors and neighborhood when the victim of the stabbing shows up to your neighbors house bleeding and screaming for help..

  24. no says:

    We’re not living in the 20s anymore. Racism just shows how much of a fool you are.

  25. no says:

    When I hear people screaming, crying, shouting insults at each other at the top of their lungs like “FUCK YOU BITCH” and “YOU MOTHERFUCKER”, and can see them fighting, beating and stabbing the shit out of each other in the street in full view of my house, it’s my business.

  26. L says:

    You say it’s not your neighbors business? I’m sorry, but when the fight leaves your house and continues down the street, then yes, it is our business because then that compromises *our* safety. You lost your right to privacy the second that happened and when you decided to share ‘what really happened’.

  27. laura says:

    ha, if i recall correctly, which im sure i am.. no one was on anyones porch besides aunt kims. underaged criminals? come on now! i guess im a criminal for being at the party? get real dude.

  28. no says:

    It’s a crime to supply alcohol to people under the age of 21.

  29. laura says:

    okay well that doesnt mean everyone at the party was a criminal does it

  30. no says:

    Never said everyone at the party is a criminal. When things like this occur, though, a lot of people are to blame because there are so many factors that go into it. It’s not just the person who made the call, though he’s certainly at fault as well. One could easily argue the alcohol supplied and consumed by those at the party played a major role in what happened.

  31. Quick to judge says:

    Really parents and adults? How can you say if your children or ANY children at that were about to be hurt, shot, stabbed, by a bunch of violent men that your first priority wouldn’t be to protect them at all costs? Because I know if they were my children I would kill anyone that tried to hurt them. And can any of us say that when we were teenagers we didn’t drink? No. We all know we did. And if any of you know anything you would know that it is completely legal for a minor to be in their home having a few drinks if their parents are there and they don’t leave the house. And for this “neighbor”, I think you may be over exaggerating a little, you watched “people get stabbed and shot”?! You mean to tell me you saw all of this happening and you didn’t call the cops, you just sat and watched? That’s a liitle far fetched. The thing is is that these men drove all the way from Annapolis to Edgewater with the intent to fight, stab, and shoot! And I don’t understand why no charges have been filed yet against them. This family is not trying to play victims, they are victims in this situation. And about supplying alcohol to minors, if you actually looked into it more you would know that over half the guests attenting were 21 or older, and also the young lady even said in her status to bring your own alcohol!! And one more thing, since this family is so “well known” you would know that their “adult son” has been in jail for over 5 months and will be for another 5 years, and that everything that has happened there was due to him! Don’t be bias and blame the family for what their son has done, no one should blame the family anyways, the party didn’t “escalade” men came from Annapolis to fight that were never at the party and that these people didn’t even know!!

  32. K says:

    Who invited said ‘black man’ to the party? Who supplied said ‘black man’ alcohol and was he underage?

    I don’t know why the adult son was mentioned in a previous comment since he wasn’t mentioned before, but regardless of whether or not he was involved this time doesn’t matter. When there are incidents every 2-3 months with police involved, then yes, it is the business of the community.

  33. Quicktojudge says:

    Seriously adults and parents?! Can any of you honestly say that if your child or ANY child at that was about to be hurt, stabbed, shot, that you wouldn’t protect them at all costs? Because I know that if they were my children I would kill anyone that tried to hurt them!! And really, we all drank when we were teenagers, lets not act like we were angels. If you knew anything about the law, you would know that it is completely legal for a minor to drink in their home if their parents are present and they dont leave.. and if you looked into this a little more you would also know that over half the guests were over 21!! About supplying alchohol to minors? Can any of you read? She clearly states in her status to bring your own alcohol, and if there is just ONE guest that is 21 or older they are fully allowed to have alcohol at their party. This family is not trying to play victims, they are the victims! Everyone needs to realize that these men drove all the way from Annapolis to Edgewater with guns and knives in tow ready to fight! The guests at the party were not “fighting with eachother” and I don’t know why any charges have not been filed against them. And for this “neighbor”, I think you’re over exaggerating a little.. you watched people get “stabbed and shot at” and did nothing? Thats a little far fetched. Also, as for their “adult son”, if this family is so well known you would know that he has been incarcerated for the last 5 months and will continue to be for 5 years. You can’t look at this family in a bias way because of what their son has done, if this was anyone else it would be a completely different story. People are just so ridiculous these days, acting like they never partied or had a drink when they were younger!! That is the biggest flock of bs I think I’ve ever heard!

  34. Dave Borther says:

    KKKimber432 really speaks for herself here, doesn’t she?

  35. Running with Scissors says:

    Quick, did the men drive to Edgewater in an Escalade or they came to escalate the fight?

  36. kimber432 says:

    First of all Edgewater Chicka…I didnt supply alcohol to anyone!! Read my daughter’s FB post. The young black male that made the phone call showed up at my home drunk and someone brought him inside because he was leaning against someones car and didnt want him getting hurt.
    Second yes I allowed my 17yr old daughter to drink in my home and the handfull of teenagers that were drinking with her were her cousins and close friends and thier parents knew exactly what they were doing. The rest of the people in attendence were OVER 21yrs of age!!
    And who the fuck ever mentioned Mother of the year??
    And you want to bring up me being charged for not sending my child to school, why dont you do a little more investigating….My childs health was far more important to me than school at the time!
    My sole purpose for posting had nothing to do with trying to be the victim or your horseshit about Mother of the year, It was reported that my party got out of control and that just wasnt true!! My party was over and the people leaving my home were attacked by a group of males calling themselves “NAPTOWN NIGGAS”
    And sympathy?? You can find that somewhere after shit in the dictionary and I dont need either!!

    I would suggest you get real Chicka, obviously you dont have much of a life seeing how you know so fn much about mine!

  37. kimber432 says:

    As for you Fred Shubbie your just a horses ass!! My husband and I went outside NOT to fight but to try and stop what was going on all the while I was on the phone with 911!!
    My husband is a good man he served for his country and he his in no way a violent man!!
    As for my last name, its NOKES-SHOVER and I’m damn proud to carry both of them!!

  38. Dave Borther says:

    You come off as a pretty big racist for someone who likes “Thug Life Forever” and “Lil Wayne” on your facebook page, is all.

  39. Fred Shubbie™©® says:

    Kimber420, your eloquence is surpassed only by your charm and stellar parenting skills. I just can’t for the life of me understand why such a low-life incident occurred in and around your household.

  40. Running with Scissors says:

    Nothing like putting your whole life on display for scrutiny there Kimber.

  41. no says:

    “You mean to tell me you saw all of this happening and you didn’t call the cops, you just sat and watched?”

    Nice try. I didn’t hear the fight at first because I had my headphones on. When I removed them for a moment (I’d been listening to music for several hours up to that point), I heard what was going on outside. After watching and listening for a few moments, I contacted the police and told them to get someone to the scene. Afterwards I continued watching to make sure no one made a threatening move toward my home or family. Whether this was likely to happen doesn’t matter; it’s my nature to make sure nonetheless.

    I’m not a violent person, but I’ll do whatever’s necessary to ensure the safety of my family, my person and my property. If keeping an eye on an altercation like this for these reasons after contacting the authorities is a bad thing, I’d really like to know what world you live in.

    For the record, I never drank when I was a teenager. Perhaps this makes me an exception.

    “And if any of you know anything you would know that it is completely legal for a minor to be in their home having a few drinks if their parents are there and they don’t leave the house.”

    Okay. What about the other teenagers that were there? Are you going to tell me their drinking was completely legal as well or are you going to further shoot down your own arguments?

  42. Laura - shady side says:

    well if woodland beach didnt live up to its name before it does now… HOODLUM BEACH!!!!!!! A bunch of rednecks!!!!!

    IF your going to supply alcohol to your 18 year old, expect consequences moron.

  43. laura says:

    Before you people try and make my aunt & other family look bad, get the right story. Your all looking like a bunch of clowns. You must be bored. Aunt kim called tje cops. Wjat more can she have done? Shit happens. Don’t act like you are all perfect

  44. Laura says:

    Why’s it have to be a race issue? They were black from Annapolis. POINT BLANK PERIOD!
    Who said anything about it being all about race and it always being bad black kids from annapolis…seriously get over the racism..nobodys judging them bc of that.

  45. K says:

    Nobody has to try to make your aunt look bad, she already does with her comments. No responsible parent allows underage drinking at their house. I’m not saying that the instigators don’t have any responsibility, of course they do, but your aunt needs to take responsibility for her part.

  46. kimber432 says:


  47. laura says:

    well if you werent there than you have no business talking about it, you obviously dont know the story! so once you decide to actually get all the details, than all of you can run your mouth and make opinions! dont act like none of you have never drank underaged before!!!!!

  48. laura says:

    if something like this happened out side of a church would you act like this to the pastor ?!!?!?

  49. laura says:

    & no im not saying i was drinking for all of you who will probably try to bash me, just stop acting like you are all perfect

  50. K says:

    A pastor wouldn’t allow underage drinking.

  51. Running with Scissors says:

    I smell a great Jerry Springer episiode coming up. Any chance any of these thugs were somebodies baby-daddy that were at the party? Please tell me there was at least one tranny there!!!

  52. K says:

    I live in the neighborhood, I heard the fighting, screaming, and what sounded like shots fired (yes, I called the police). To say I was scared is putting it mildly.

    I drank some as a teenager, but the drinking age was 18, and as a responsible parent I didn’t allow drinking in my home until my kids were 21.

  53. Fred Shubbie™©® says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, if this Shover-Noley person is actually a parent it is no surprise that her child’s party ended in warfare. It is funny to read their profundities and deep thoughts but rather I find it unfortunate that her daughter believes her mother is a good role model. Her children have no chance to succeed or break out of the trap of low social ranking unless they can see that their mother is not well.

  54. quick to judge says:

    Someone make a move on your family? Haha please. & I’m really trying hard to believe that you only started to drink at age 18. That’s funny, teenagers are going to party where ever they go, there’s dozens of parties every single weekend. & “edgewatah chicah”, I know exactly who you are, you’re the cop that lives on salisbury and the only one that would know all of this information.. Since you like to throw peoples business out there I’m sure you would LOVE for everyone to know that you were #$%^&*% this girls biological father two summers ago!! You also told him about your flings with other women.. Guess ya didn’t think he would tell anyone huh?? Don’t think the whole neighborhood didn’t see him sneaking into your home!! You hate them so much yet you sure did enjoy $%^&*&^ her father. LOL. Nobodys perfect, and everyone on here should stop acting like they’re angels. You got alot to say when you’re behind a keyboard I guess??

  55. no says:

    “Someone make a move on your family? Haha please.”

    So are you the type who would see a huge brawl going on right outside your house and not worry about it? Would you pretend nothing’s happening after calling the cops? Or would you run outside and join the melee? I find it hard to believe you’d act any differently than I did (concern for your family, your life and your property). If a cop came to your door and asked you about the fight, would you happily tell him, “Oh it’s none of my business, so I didn’t pay any attention.”?

    It’s amusing to me how you assume every teenager drinks and goes to parties all the time to get shitfaced. I never saw value in doing so, because there is none. Like I said, I never drank as a teenager. Even now as an adult I rarely drink. Getting drunk is a pointless endeavor for those too young or immature to properly handle the alcohol they’re consuming. Like, say, high school students.

    If you really want to believe that underage drinking isn’t a problem in this country, you’re free to do that. But it *is* a problem, and *does* cause more problems.

  56. no says:

    That’s a terrible analogy. Try again.

  57. no says:

    “well if you werent there than you have no business talking about it”

    I watched the majority of the brawl from my home. Therefore, it’s my business.

  58. James says:

    kim sounds like a real genius. the term white trash comes to mind…

  59. Dave Borther says:

    kimber432, I have a mother and I know that I’d hate like hell for anybody to be making fun of her on the internet. So, if you will, allow me to break it down for you, to a certain extent. You used the term “black males” to refer to the perps a total of 9 times in your initial post. Now, these guys are probably scum, don’t get me wrong. People who fight with knives and guns are among the worst kinds of degenerates in my opinion. But it’s just that you seem a little too eager to bandy about the term “black males”, as if that were the one thing that you wanted everybody to take away from your story: “black people did this”. Now maybe this was not your intent, but at the very least, the way you were using that terminology suggests that you have some sort of uncomfortable or poorly developed relationship with race. Maybe think about broadening your horizons, I dunno, taking an African-American history or literature course or something. Develop a more nuanced understanding of the people in the community around you.

  60. Running with Scissors says:

    I feel it coming,I can hear the chants, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry! Please Quick, confirm for us that Edgewatah Chica is a midget tranny cop

  61. kimber432 says:

    Your comments mean nothing to me!! Seriously sitting behind your computers attacking me when you dont know shit about me!! You know of one incident, As for the racial shit, there happened to be five black males at the party. And for your information I did study African American History, I was even afforded the opportunity to meet Alex Haley. You can call me white trash or what ever the hell you choose!! I had ONE party at my home! I have never hosted a party before this one. And as for my children hating me, Never!! I busted my ass as a single mother for years, working full time and going to college. I think a white trash mother would have been sitting back collecting welfare and being a drain on the state. Besides 2 weeks ago you assholes were trashing Haley Mock for the stabbing at Taco Bell as soon as something new happens you’ll move on to that because your lives are so damn uneventfull you have to sit behind your computer screens and insert your asses into other peoples lives. I know who I am, and I know who I am not. I can walk with my head held high as for you people your heads will be hidden behind your computer screens!!

  62. ---- says:

    lolol i don’t even know where to start… her daughter saying “this ain’t no WWE Smackdown, no fights or I will beat some ass” forshadowing perhaps? hahaha and then she calls her mom a “crazy ass” hahaha in between fuck, pussy, motherfucker, and bitches… thats a dirty mouth for a 17 year old lady

    i want to know how all these underage CHILDREN (i say children because they aren’t even 18!) were going to get home after taking ice luge shots, they dare not drive? does the mother know that if anyone left HER house after drinking underage and died, got in an accident, or KILLED an innocent driver, that she would go to JAIL!?

    the police will see all of her crude language she has used on here and her open CONFESSION to there being underage drinking at her house… and it won’t be hard to come to a decision…

    i just thank God that no one was STABBED TO DEATH

  63. fred shubbie®©™ says:

    I can’ t read this thread anymore, it makes me feel dirty. Seriously. Do adults like the one above really exist or is this a giant hoax ? Yuk.

  64. John Frenaye says:

    We will be disabling this thread for future comments.

  65. quick to judge says:

    It was also just found out that this young man that WAS NOT invited and who was drunk before he arrived had the whole thing planned out hours maybe even DAYS before the party.

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