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Santa Disappoints Toddler

My 3 year old daughter saw that Santa was standing around at the end of everything taking pictures so of course she wanted to have her picture taken with Santa.  Needless to say that Santa was so much in a rush to leave and have pictures taken with grown women that when my daughter walked up to him (literally 3 feet from him) he turned around not even to acknowledge her.  So of course trying to explain why Santa didn’t want to take a picture with her but did with everyone else did was pretty tough on a 3 year old.  Next year if Santa is going to do pictures at the end, there needs to be a little more organization involved.

Since Santa decided that he would rather have his picture taken with 3 grown women, we saw Mrs. Clause who I must say that the worst Mrs. Clause I have ever met.  You would have thought that she would have interacted with Santa a little more and to top this off, my daughter and I went over to see Mrs. Clause who said Hello to my daughter when proceeded to not say another word but walked away paying attention to what will be talked about in my next paragraph.

Even worse, was trying to explain why Santa was in trouble with the Police since the Annapolis City Police Dept. thought it was funny to pat him down with arms and legs spread wide open over a police car.  Really Annapolis City Police and Santa, this was the first time that not only my daughter but many other children have seen Santa see so far and you do something without even thinking who was around.  If you want to see Santa get arrested by the police dept. do it in front of adults only not in front of young children.

To top the night off, my daughter and I are walking up Main St. to leave and guess who is walking behind us…..Mrs. Clause with her dress on, no hat and of course walking to her car.  How do you expect young children to still believe in Santa when you see the person who you thought was Mrs. Clause walking up and getting in a car.  You would have thought that she would have at least gotten in the Police car with Santa and drove somewhere where children would not have seen her getting into a normal car.

I was so pleased with the lighting of the tree last year (2009) but was sadly disappointed this year and I honestly don’t think I will come back next year.

Jennifer Thayer
Davidsonville, MD

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