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Santa Disappoints Toddler

| November 23, 2010, 06:41 PM | 21 Comments

My 3 year old daughter saw that Santa was standing around at the end of everything taking pictures so of course she wanted to have her picture taken with Santa.  Needless to say that Santa was so much in a rush to leave and have pictures taken with grown women that when my daughter walked up to him (literally 3 feet from him) he turned around not even to acknowledge her.  So of course trying to explain why Santa didn’t want to take a picture with her but did with everyone else did was pretty tough on a 3 year old.  Next year if Santa is going to do pictures at the end, there needs to be a little more organization involved.

Since Santa decided that he would rather have his picture taken with 3 grown women, we saw Mrs. Clause who I must say that the worst Mrs. Clause I have ever met.  You would have thought that she would have interacted with Santa a little more and to top this off, my daughter and I went over to see Mrs. Clause who said Hello to my daughter when proceeded to not say another word but walked away paying attention to what will be talked about in my next paragraph.

Even worse, was trying to explain why Santa was in trouble with the Police since the Annapolis City Police Dept. thought it was funny to pat him down with arms and legs spread wide open over a police car.  Really Annapolis City Police and Santa, this was the first time that not only my daughter but many other children have seen Santa see so far and you do something without even thinking who was around.  If you want to see Santa get arrested by the police dept. do it in front of adults only not in front of young children.

To top the night off, my daughter and I are walking up Main St. to leave and guess who is walking behind us…..Mrs. Clause with her dress on, no hat and of course walking to her car.  How do you expect young children to still believe in Santa when you see the person who you thought was Mrs. Clause walking up and getting in a car.  You would have thought that she would have at least gotten in the Police car with Santa and drove somewhere where children would not have seen her getting into a normal car.

I was so pleased with the lighting of the tree last year (2009) but was sadly disappointed this year and I honestly don’t think I will come back next year.

Jennifer Thayer
Davidsonville, MD


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  1. Hifi Jim says:

    I like it very much , thanks for your post !

  2. kathy says:

    oh come on….your child believing in Santa or not is up to you…not everyone else…..

  3. John Frenaye says:

    Yes, but…at a public function where the whole premise is about the arrival of “Santa” one would think that Santa might be a little more in tune with his audience.

  4. Running with Scissors says:

    His audience in his mind are the hot mommies!!!

  5. kathy says:

    ok..I will give you that one, but Mrs Claus on her way to her car is “off duty” and it isn’t necessary for her to remain in costume….

  6. Jennifer says:

    I’m not going to say that believing in Santa is not my responsibility because it is, but Santa is also a public figure for children not for a old man who wishes to pay more attention to grown women then the children who he is suppose to be coming to see.

    As for Mrs. Clause, yes walking to her car she was ‘off duty’ but you would have thought that she would have more common sense to change her clothes before walking up Main St. allowing all the children who she just presented herself too see her get into a car.

    It’s apparent that “Kathy” doesn’t believe doesn’t allow her children to believe in Santa.

  7. kathy flannery says:

    LOL Jennifer…as my children are 35 and 37 ..no they don’t believe in Santa, but they did for many years..until we had to explain to them that there really was no Santa…It does appear that you think it is my job and others to make sure your children do..well it isn’t…my advice is that you don’t go to these public displays at Christmas time because you are sure to be disappointed by someone without”common sense” GOD save me from “it takes a village” folks..

  8. Jennifer says:

    Kathy….ur just plan out crazy. I’m sure other parents that saw the same thing didn’t agree with it as well…I was just one to voice my opinion. Santa is a public figure and certainlly should have some expectations when in the public eye. Try to have a little christmas spirt and not be such a hum bug

  9. kathy flannery says:

    I don’t seem to be the one so bent out of shape over Santa Clause…crazy hmmm..nope not me..have a nice day, unless someone else who is a public figure lets you down..lets hope not…LOL

  10. Jennifer says:

    What a waste of space and waste of time. Thank god ur not my mother or I would be crazy

  11. kathy flannery says:

    you seem to have a problem dear…after all you brought up crazy…you really aren’t ready for opinion pages…grow up..

  12. Running with Scissors says:

    Jennifer think you are expecting alot from a guy making 10 bucks an hour or doing it for free during the season. He is NOT really Santa!!! I am sure he has to put up with good kids, bad kids, nasty parents grouchy children. If you want your kid to see Santa and have the picture taken go stand in line at the mall, plunk down your hard earned money and you should get what you are looking for. And it would hurt if you did yourself up a bit while you are at it, Santa really likes the mommies too. We found out early on when our kids were young mommy always got better pics and the kids enjoyed santa more when mommy went instead of daddy.

  13. Jennifer says:

    Being a grown adult i understand that it wasnt Santa, but my 3 year daughter and many other children there didnt know that. The entire point of this article was so that people think what they before they do it especially people in the public eye like Santa and the Annapolis City Police Dept

  14. Running with Scissors says:

    Well heck Jennifer, that says it all Annapolis Police no doubt it was a cop playing santa, if he has a chance to talk and have his pic taken with some mommies vs. your child you have to know what he was going to do. Proves my point go spend your money if you want your child to have the true Santa experience. But a good tip would be if you get pulled over in Annapolis it pays to smile and be friendly.

  15. kathy flannery says:

    Jennifer I think this horse is dead and we should stop beating it….and I think the Police Departmetn has better things to do than make sure you are happy…at least I hope they do..go to the mall like everyone else…and please stop whining..not a good example for your 3 year old…

  16. Jennifer says:

    kathy….this will be the last time I waste my time and engery on commenting on ur senseless comments. This article was not about you (especially since I don’t recall ever seeing your name anywhere written) or anyone else trying to make sure my daughter and many other young children believe in Santa. I’m not going to repeat what the point of it was since its apparent you didn’t get it. Have a Merry Christmas.

  17. kathy says:

    LOL..Jennifer somehow I don’t think you can let it go…..probably like many things in your life…sorry people don’t always agree with you..but this is mild compared to what comes with life, get used to it…..again i say to you Grow Up and I mean it sincerely…Merry Christmas to you also..

  18. Amy says:

    Having not read all of these comments, and also being about 2 weeks late, I just want to quickly say this: Jennifer– I am not a mother, just a fan of holiday events and I have to say- I was surprised when I came across this article/blog by mistake. I was at the lighting downtown as well, and I made a comment to my sister and my boyfriend that it was the worst Santa appearance I’ve ever seen. He didn’t seem friendly, happy to be there, or “jolly” to say the least. I was very disappointed, not for myself but for all of the children there. I think he said about four words to the audience of kids, who waited a long time in the cold to see him. I would have been very disappointed if I’d had children of my own there, for sure. I think one of the comments here may have suggested that it’s not exactly a high paying position, which I understand. But as the Santa figure for an “official” Annapolis event, he was indirectly representing the City of Annapolis and whomever is asked to take that position, along with city officials, should keep that in mind.

  19. Jennifer says:

    Amy…Thank you for your comments. I do appericate them since everyone else who commented didnt physically see what my daughter and i did. I am hoping like you that next year the City of Annapolis gets there act together.

  20. kathy flannery says:

    Ah..I knew you couldn’t let it go….

  21. Jennifer says:

    Mind your business. No one wad talking to you!!!!!

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